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'Midnight Knitter' Decorates NJ Town

Mysterious crafter decorates West Cape May park

(Newser) - The trees in West Cape May, New Jersey, don't have new leaves yet, but some of them do have knitted coverings that resemble scarves. The cozies appear overnight, and the guerrilla decorator—or decorators—are the talk of the town. "It doesn’t bother me," says one resident... More »

Gift-Givers Get Crafty In Tight Holiday Times

Sales of craft supplies and handmade items shine

(Newser) - Although the economic downturn has nearly everyone pinching pennies, craft stores are watching theirs stack up as holiday gift-givers are saving money by making their own gifts or buying handmade items from others, the New York Times reports. While overall retail revenues in November were off 7.4% from last... More »

Strapped Budgets Make for Better Gifts

Use a signature gift to cut costs, give meaningfully

(Newser) - Tight budgets are forcing Americans to skirt the season's traditional buying frenzy and make gifts that put "emphasis on people, not stuff," Melissa Magsaysay writes in the Los Angeles Times. She's creating "a creative signature gift" of Ugandan beads that she's turning into bracelets: The... More »

Socks Kill in Knitting Tournament

The fastest needles prevail in 800-person international throw-down

(Newser) - About 150 people were knitting for their lives last month in what organizers call the “bloodiest extreme knitting tournament” around. Based on the dorm staple Assassins, Sock Wars challenges contestants to “kill” targets by knitting and sending them socks, the Wall Street Journal explains. “I wanted a... More »

Multitaskers, It's All in the Bag

Blog offers old and creative new uses for that extra paper sack

(Newser) - Paper bags are good for more than just school lunches and book covers. Check out Wise Bread's 25 tips, and you'll never hesitate again when the cashier says, "Paper or plastic?" Here are 10 to get you started:
  1. Ripen fruit.
  2. Make your own wrapping paper.
  3. Give your cat hours
... More »

5 Stories