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Wrapping Paper Sales on a Tear

Strong figures early indication of shopping rebound

(Newser) - Just how lucrative will this holiday season turn out to be for retailers? If wrapping paper sales are any indication, pretty darn good. Both shop owners and the public are awaiting holiday shopping statistics as a clue to American confidence and an economic rebound. An early sign is wrapping paper... More »

Multitaskers, It's All in the Bag

Blog offers old and creative new uses for that extra paper sack

(Newser) - Paper bags are good for more than just school lunches and book covers. Check out Wise Bread's 25 tips, and you'll never hesitate again when the cashier says, "Paper or plastic?" Here are 10 to get you started:
  1. Ripen fruit.
  2. Make your own wrapping paper.
  3. Give your cat hours
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2 Stories