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British Tabloid Shows Queen as Girl in Nazi Salute

Buckingham Palace angry at 'exploited' footage from early 1930s

(Newser) - Buckingham Palace is seething today at images in the Sun of a young Queen Elizabeth raising her hand in the Nazi salute. Rupert Murdoch's tabloid obtained a short film clip of the royal family horsing around in 1933 or 1934, when Elizabeth was about 7 years old. In the... More »

Murdoch Tape: Bribe Scandal 'Next to Nothing'

Recording reveals meeting with journalists

(Newser) - A newly released tape reportedly reveals a conversation between Rupert Murdoch and Sun journalists—and its contents are looking damaging for the News Corp. boss. Apparently speaking to staff arrested on bribery claims , Murdoch calls the investigation into his media empire "the biggest inquiry ever, over next to nothing,... More »

Cosmic Mystery: Why Is the Sun So Round?

It's one of the roundest objects ever measured

(Newser) - The sun is round... too round, say scientists. The giant star that bathes us in light is one of the most perfectly round objects ever measured. If it were shrunk to the size of a beach ball, the difference between the sun's widest and thinnest diameters would be slighter... More »

Solar Storm Tomorrow: Scientists Not Worried

No grid disruptions are expected

(Newser) - Another solar storm is hurtling toward Earth and will collide with our planet's magnetic field beginning tomorrow morning and lasting into Sunday. But don't fret, say scientists. The event is minor, and "we don't see any ill effects to any systems," says a space forecaster.... More »

2 Murdoch Reporters Attempt Suicide

Sun staffers stressed out as inquiry continues

(Newser) - The pressure appears to be taking its toll inside Rupert Murdoch's media empire. Two senior reporters at the Sun have attempted suicide as police step up their inquiry into illegal practices at the British newspaper, according to the Evening Standard . News International, the British wing of Murdoch's News... More »

Murdoch's Sun Regularly Paid Off Corrupt Officials

Investigation reveals 'culture ... of illegal payments': police

(Newser) - Reporters for Rupert Murdoch's Sun tabloid made a habit of paying off not just the police but also public officials, normalizing a "culture ... of illegal payments," the officer leading the police investigation into News International told an inquiry today. "Systems have been created to facilitate those... More »

News Corp Inches Closer to US Bribery Probe

Saturday's arrests mark 'an escalation in the risk,' reports the 'Guardian'

(Newser) - Saturday's arrest of five journalists at Britain's Sun over alleged bribery may have increased the likelihood of a new investigation of News Corp—on this side of the pond. The US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act makes it a crime for US companies to bribe public officials overseas, and... More »

5 Sun Staffers Arrested in UK Bribery Scandal

Police investigate possible payments to police, defense officials

(Newser) - Five staff at Britain's largest selling tabloid the Sun were arrested today along with three other people over alleged bribes paid to police and defense officials. Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. said in a statement that police had also searched the homes of the five staff and the group'... More »

James Murdoch Quits Times, Sun Boards

Move prompts questions over papers' future

(Newser) - James Murdoch has unexpectedly quit as a director at both the Times and Sun newspapers amid continued phone-hacking fallout. News International CEO Tom Mockridge is taking over Murdoch’s positions, leaving no Murdochs on the British papers’ boards; that prompts London’s Evening Standard to question News Corp’s plans... More »

NotW May Have Phone Hacked 5,795 People: Police

Number much higher than initial estimates

(Newser) - News of the World’s private investigator listened in on a lot of people. Police say that professional snooper Glenn Mulcaire’s 11,000 pages of notes contain the names of 5,795 potential victims—almost twice the 2,000 to 3,000 the Guardian initially reported two years ago,... More »

Sun's Call to Gordon Brown 'Unforgivable'

Rebekah Brooks violated basic decency on former PM's son

(Newser) - Learning that your child has a disability is hard enough—but try getting a phone call saying his illness will be front-page news. That’s what happened to Gordon Brown when his family was still coming to terms with his son’s cystic fibrosis: Then-Sun editor Rebekah Brooks, now CEO... More »

Twitter Campaign: Boycott Murdoch

Will Fox News, NY Post get swept up in exploding scandal fallout?

(Newser) - Could Fox News and the New York Post get swept up in the fallout from the News of the World scandal? Determined Twitter and Facebook campaigns are urging the boycott of all Rupert Murdoch operations in the wake of the burgeoning phone hacking scandal at the shuttered British newspaper. Boycottmurdoch... More »

Gordon Brown: Murdoch Papers Hacked Me, Too

Sun , Sunday Times took bank, health records, says source

(Newser) - Add Gordon Brown to the list of those allegedly hacked by News Corp employees. The former British PM believes journalists from multiple Rupert Murdoch-owned papers illegally accessed his bank information and his phone messages, a source close to Brown tells CNN . That led to a story in the Sun about... More »

Cameron Calls for News of World Probes

But public suspects the closure is just a shell game

(Newser) - Facing a mounting public outcry over the News of the World scandal, David Cameron today announced a pair of investigations that will look into both the News of the World's activities (including allegations of police bribery) and the future of media regulation, the AP reports. Cameron said that politicians... More »

Brown, Labour Fuming After Murdoch Backs Conservatives

(Newser) - Gordon Brown is livid and his colleagues in the Labour Party are ripping up copies of the Sun in public after Rupert Murdoch ended 12 years of support and backed Conservative David Cameron this week. “We don't need an Australian-American coming to our country with a paper that has... More »

Scotland Yard Launches, Ends Probe of News Corp. Hacking

Unsourced report broke no new ground: cops

(Newser) - Scotland Yard, smarting from a report that it failed to inform victims of a British tabloid's rampant phone hacking, today opened and quickly closed an investigation into the potentially explosive matter, reports the New York Times. Cops reportedly had evidence of thousands of incidences of illegal activity by private... More »

Tabloid's Jackson Autopsy Report Fake: TMZ

Details were shocking, and apparently fabricated

(Newser) - Sources tell TMZ a story circulating on the Internet detailing Michael Jackson’s shocking autopsy results is not true. The supposed autopsy report, indicating that Jackson was bald and skeletal, had only pills in his stomach, and was riddled with needle wounds, among other things, was reported earlier today by... More »

Brits Probe Soldier Who Tried to Sell Harry Pics

Comrade defied media ban, says Guardian

(Newser) - The British military is investigating a soldier who defied military orders and tried to sell "extraordinary" pictures of Prince Harry’s secret Afghanistan deployment to the media, the Guardian reports. In the pictures, Harry witnesses the beheading of a live goat during Christmas celebrations and films the event on... More »

Royal Butler Recalled to Diana Inquest

Paul Burrell is asked to return after video suggests he lied

(Newser) - After a video showed the former royal butler saying he’d been untruthful during an appearance at the Princess Diana inquest, Paul Burrell is being asked to return and explain himself, reports the BBC. In the tape, Burrell allegedly claims to have dropped “red herrings” and kept secrets in... More »

UK About-Face On Sailors Selling Stories

Public outcry leads to ban on further embarrassing interviews

(Newser) - The British Ministry of Defense bowed to public opinion last night and banned further media deals for the sailors and marines released from captivity in Iran. The decision to let the detainees sell their stories had "not reached a satisfactory outcome," the defense secretary said. More »

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