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Danish Family Knew They Might Be Hijacked by Pirates

Parents, teens had prepared a 'piracy plan'

(Newser) - The Danish family that was captured by pirates in the Indian Ocean on Thursday wasn't caught unawares, reports the AP . The family—a couple with three children, ages 12 to 16—had written on a travel blog that they were in daily contact with anti-piracy forces, and had prepped a... More »

Turkish Airline Passengers Foil Hijack Attempt

Passengers subdue man who claimed to have bomb

(Newser) - Passengers on a Turkish Airlines flight from Oslo to Istanbul tackled a man who claimed to have a bomb and tried to force his way into the cockpit. The man—who donned a ski mask and ordered the captain to return to Norway as the flight began its descent into... More »

Hijack Plot Triggers India Terror Alert

India steps up airport security after hijack plot uncovered

(Newser) - India has issued a terror alert and stepped up airport security after intelligence agencies discovered a plot by militants linked to al-Qaeda to hijack an Air India plane bound for a neighboring South Asian country, AP reports. The threat was uncovered during the interrogation of a militant leader captured last... More »

Mexican Hijacking Over; Suspect in Custody

(Newser) - A single hijacker took control of a jet out of Cancun with more than 100 people aboard before forcing it to land in Mexico City and freeing the passengers, CNN reports. Mexican authorities have detained the Bolivian hijacker, who falsely claimed to have a bomb and demanded to see Mexican... More »

Driver Clings to Stolen Truck in 70-Mile Cop Chase

(Newser) - A driver leaped onto his stolen truck as it pulled out of Georgia parking lot and held on for a 70-mile high-speed cop chase, reports CNN. The driver called police from his cell phone from the truck, and clung to the rig as the thief gunned it. The getaway was... More »

Maoist Train Hijackers End Siege in India

300 passengers freed

(Newser) - Suspected Maoist rebels who hijacked an India train ended a four-hour standoff with authorities and released 300 passengers, reports CNN. No one was injured. Hundreds of men surrounded and disabled the train as it traveled through a forest in the state of Jharkhand early today. Rebel attacks in the area... More »

Hijacker of Canadian Jet Surrenders

(Newser) - The hijacker of a Canadian jet demanding to fly from Jamaica to Cuba has freed the six crewmembers he was holding and surrendered, reports the BBC. The man, whom authorities described as "mentally challenged," appeared to check in normally last night, then forced his way aboard the CanJet... More »

Somali Pirates Hijack Yet Another Cargo Ship

A Hong Kong ship carrying wheat is the latest victim

(Newser) - Pirates off the coast of Africa have struck again, hijacking a Hong Kong cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden, the Financial Times reports. The Delight has 25 crew members and 36,000 tons of wheat, and hijackers were reportedly steering it toward Somalia. It's the latest in a string... More »

Chinese Say They Foiled 2 Terror Plots

Hijack attempt blocked while earlier raid stopped Olympic attack

(Newser) - China has thwarted two terror attacks, a top official revealed today, including an attempted plane hijacking on Friday and a January raid that captured and killed terrorists aiming to "sabotage" the Beijing Olympics, reports CNN. Both incidents were linked to regional separatists whose “goal was very clear,”... More »

Man Hopes to Auction Bounty of DB Cooper Hijacking

Found wad of ransom money as 8-year-old

(Newser) - The man who found the only tangible evidence of a mysterious hijacker's jump out of an airplane over Washington state in 1971 hopes to sell it at auction, the AP reports. In 1980, 8-year-old Brian Ingram found a wad of $20 bills on the banks of the Columbia River;... More »

FBI Reignites DB Cooper Case

New revelations as feds appeal for help

(Newser) - The FBI is again seeking help solving the intriguing 36-year-old mystery of DB Cooper, last seen parachuting from a hijacked Northwest Airlines jet over southwest Washington with a $200,000 ransom. He appears to have vanished into thin air—if he survived the daring jump. But now the FBI has... More »

Hijacking Ends Peacefully in Turkey

Pair protesting US surrender after passengers and pilots flee

(Newser) - Two hijackers of a Turkish plane claiming to be protesting US foreign policy surrendered yesterday after nearly all 136 people on board fled from the tarmac unharmed and the rest were released, the BBC reports. The men, believed to be a Turkish national and a Palestinian, tried to force their... More »

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