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born in rural AR. Lived in extreme povetry until age 19. Worked entry level jobs of various industry at minimum wage in 1957 thru the time I entered the military. Served in early Viet Nam conflict without any combat experience. Returned to Houston, TX where military friend introduced me to his work in Pasadena, TX. I later purchase a similar business to soon buy out my former employer. Retired / sold business a millionaire which is not a lot these days but a long way from where I was raised. I have pledged never to forget my good raising by honorable parents who never took one penney from a government program of any sort. Therein, is my background of conservative values the LORD has prvilidged me to live in America where Capitalism was once the motivating factor of being all you can be. I have been richly blessed and do not hesitate one minute to give to disaster victims world wide such as Japan, Haitai, Katrina, etc. If I pass tomorrow it can be said, I had a good ride and left this mortal body to join my Savior who resides in Heaven.
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