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With news sources proliferating all over the web, few people have the time to keep up with even just the good ones. Machine aggregation searches widely, but without judgment, the stories often seem random and the sources lame. Our editors cut through the clutter, selecting the best stories and the best sources, for a mix of news you need to know—and want to know—and quirkier stories you might not otherwise come across. Here are just a few of our sources:

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Newser does the reading for you. Our editors distill articles and opinion pieces into lively and efficient summaries, often combining several sources to make sure you get the best information. Photos and videos enrich each story.

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The Newser grid offers an innovative, visual snapshot of the news, with easy-to-scan photos and headlines. Users can get a preview in a pop-up window, open the story for more photos and videos, and click More Stories to see earlier stories.

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