Account FAQ


Do I have to register to use Newser?
No. You can browse Newser without registering.

Should I register?
Yes. Doing so will allow you to save your customized settings, and receive email alerts.

Does it cost anything to register?
No, registration is free. Click here to register.

I registered but forgot my password. What should I do?
Just click on Log-In at the top right of every page, enter your email address, and click on "Forgot my password" in the pop-up window. We will automatically generate a new password and email it to you.

Account Information and Public Profile

Do I have to provide all of this information?
No, only an email address is required to activate your account.

What information of mine can others see?
Other readers can only see your username and the date you joined. If you've uploaded an avatar or entered a biography, these fields will be present in you public profile. If you want others to see your age, gender, and location, check the "Allow others to see..." box below your zip code.

Can I change my username?
Yes, you can change you username. Please note: all references to the old username will be updated to reflect your new name.

What is my avatar?
Your avatar is the image that is displayed next to your username in your public profile.

My Settings

What's "news preference"?
Each story is rated on a scale from hard to soft. You can select any point along that continuum to vary the menu of stories that appear. By "hard news" we mean serious, important, and immediate news. By "soft news" we mean cultural, lifestyle, and celebrity news.

What's "number of stories"?
This setting controls the number of stories, from nine to 21, that appear when you visit a grid page.

How does the grid automatically update?
Activating this setting will enable your browser to periodically check for new stories. If there are new stories available, they are added to your grid without reloading the page.

What are rollovers?
Rollovers are the pop-up summaries that appear when you hover over a story on a grid. You can turn these on or off.

I have turned off the story rollover windows. Is there any way for me to turn them back on?
Yes. Click on Your Account in the top right corner, navigate to the Settings tab and uncheck the control for "Roll-overs."

Can I control how stories are opened in my browser?
Yes, if you check "open stories in a new browser tab or window," stories will not open in the current window and you will be able to preserve your spot on the grid.

Email Alerts

What are email alerts?
Newser can send you an email alert when certain settings are flagged. These can be delivered immediately as stories are posted or at the end of the day as a digest.

Where can I manage alerts that I have selected for specific keywords or sections?
You can manage all your alerts via the Settings tab under Your Account.

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