Grid FAQ

General Questions

What's a grid?
A grid is any section page, including the homepage, that displays Newser's rectangular story layouts.

Why have a grid?
The grid is Newser's signature format for presenting the news, combining the graphic impact of imagery and bold headlines with concise, sharply written story summaries. It offers a more efficient and pleasurable experience for users than having to click on long lists of headlines.

Are stories the only content that appear in the grid?
News stories make up a majority of the content that appear in the grid. Occasionally, we will promote new features or functions on the site using the first square on the grid.

Why are some story headlines highlighted in red?
Our editors use red to highlight especially important headlines for a feature we call "Breaking News". You can view a grid of just these stories under "More" in the section bar. (And if you’re a Windows Phone user, you can download our app and opt in for toast notifications whenever we publish a breaking story!)

Adjusting the Grid

How can I adjust my view of the grid?
We offer a variety of ways to customize your viewing experience. From the home grid or any section grid, you can toggle between "The Grid" and "Popular" tabs, or see only stories published on a particular date.
If you’re a registered user, you can find more customization options on the Settings page: narrow stories by seriousness with the "News Preference" slider, toggle automatic updating, make stories open in a new tab or window, shade stories you’ve read in gray, show pop-up summaries when you hover over the corner of a grid square, or revert to classic scrollbar grid navigation and view stories in a fixed window with its own scrollbar.

I have pop-up summaries turned on , but when I mouse over "MORE", nothing happens. What's wrong?
The pop-up activation feature is incompatible with some versions of AdBlock Plus. You'll have to disable this on your computer to ensure proper functionality on Newser. Also, some versions of Apple Safari are unable to activate our pop-up summaries. We’re currently working to solve both of these issues.

What does the "News Preference" slider do?
Stories in Newser are rated on a scale from "hard" to "soft". You can filter out soft news by moving the slider towards "Less Gossip" or hard news by moving it towards "Less Serious". By "hard news" we mean serious, important, and immediate news; by "soft news" we mean cultural, lifestyle, and celebrity news.

Can I turn off promotional messages that appear in the grid?
You can turn off the promotional message by simply selecting the "close" link in the bottom right hand corner of the square (if visible).

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