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About Newser Stories

How does Newser select stories to cover?
Newser's story selection is based on a proprietary formula that measures the ubiquity of coverage by the top-ranked 100 English-language news sites; the prominence with which those sites feature the stories; and the popularity of a given story with readers; combined with overlooked points of view, angles and scoops uncovered by our editors.

Who writes Newser summaries?
Newser is staffed with writers and editors who, using tools we developed, receive a constant stream of news 24/7. Editors are experts in one or more areas. They're familiar with the background, sources, reporters, and points of view on each. They make it easy for you -- by finding the best coverage, highlighting the most important information, and distilling it efficiently.

Stories on the Grid

How can I find a story I saw earlier on Newser that's no longer there?
If a story is no longer on the grid, there are three ways to find the story:

  1. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the grid to scroll down until you find the story.
  2. If you know what day it ran, look for it by date. Clicking on the date stamp at the top right of the grid will bring up a calendar. Clicking on any date on the calendar will bring up the news for that day.
  3. You can use the search function at the top of the site to locate the story.

What's on the homepage grid?
The home page offers the Newser editors' selection of news and opinion, including the best stories, stories people are talking about, and compelling features.

What is the "mark stories you've read" feature?
If you are a registered user, Newser can visually guide you to stories you haven't looked at yet. When you visit a story page or read a rollover summary, we mark the square as "read" and shade it gray. Visit your settings page to turn this feature on or off.

Links on the Story Page

What are "sources"?
Sources are links to the full articles Newser writers have selected and summarized. A summary often includes information from several articles on the same subject; in that case it will have multiple sources.

What are the "editor recommended" links?
These links are to other articles selected by our editors to provide different points of view or additional background and information.

What are the "related news" stories?
These Newser stories are previous stories in an ongoing narrative or stories otherwise connected to the main article on the page. You can click "continue reading" to view the entire Newser summary.

What are "tags"?
Tags are used to classify and categorize stories. Clicking on a tag displays all stories with that tag designation.

What is the "next story from this section"?
This link leads to the next most recently published story in the same section.

How can I navigate through all the images?
You can scroll through the pictures using the "prev" and "next" buttons below the image. Press "play" to automatically scroll through the images.

Can I share an article with a friend?
Yes! Click on the "share" link located below the text of the story, which will provide a variety of ways to share our content.

Commenting on a Story

The commenting control looks different. What happened?
We upgraded our commenting control in October 2013. The new version includes a lot of cool features and allows visitors to comment without registering for a Newser account.

Why are my comments showing up under a different account than the one I used before the upgrade?
You probably aren't actually logged into Newser. If you're not logged into Newser but you ARE logged into Disqus or a Facebook, Twitter, or Google account connected to Disqus, comments will be posted using that account. We recommend checking at the top of the page to make sure you're logged into Newser itself instead of deducing from the commenting control's presence.

What is Newser's comment policy?
Newser’s comment policy encourages healthy debate. Users that repeatedly violate any of the rules below will have their account suspended. We will not allow:

  • Comments that are racist, sexist, or downright offensive. We have a no-jerk policy at Newser. Comments of this nature will be immediately removed.
  • Comments that target and/or personally insult other Newser commenters. Because this isn't middle school.
  • Identical comments posted on multiple stories. Mastering the art of copy and paste isn’t a skill; it’s spam.
  • Off-topic discussions. Not everything is a political debate. Comments that are completely off topic or spam-like will be removed.
  • Comments in all CAPS. They're obnoxious, so don't do it.

Who can comment on stories?
While it used to be that only registered Newser users could post comments, that privilege has been extended to anyone with a Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account.

How are comments monitored?
Because Newser cannot review each comment individually, we rely on moderators and other users to monitor comments.

What is a Moderator?
With thousands of comments pouring in each day, Newser relies on its stable of Moderators to help keep things in check. Moderators are regular site users who “get” Newser’s comment policy and have been selected by Newser to help us keep things in check. They have the ability to immediately hide comments that violate our comment policy and restore comments that have been wrongly flagged.

What is a Global Moderator?
Sort of the queen (or king) bee: The Global Moderator is a member of the Newser staff who manages the Moderators and controls account suspensions.

What guidelines do the Moderators follow?
Our moderators are expected to stick to the following:

  • Moderators should be familiar with the specific rules that make up Newser's comment policy… and they must obviously follow those rules.
  • Moderators must maintain consistent communication with the Global Moderator.
  • Moderation actions must be non-confrontational, and only be taken in response to a direct infraction of the comment policy.
  • In the event of a dispute claiming the moderator is not being fair, the Global Moderator will intervene.
  • Moderators can’t suspend users, but can recommend accounts they feel should be suspended to the Global Moderator.
  • The Global Moderator has the right to strip Moderators of their status, should they not observe the above.

I see an inappropriate comment; what should I do?
Click on "Flag." Users that repeatedly leave inappropriate or off-topic comments will have their account suspended.

Why has my account been suspended?
We suspend accounts that repeatedly violate our comment policy or terms of use. Also note that if you attempt to impersonate another user by using a derivative of their name or avatar, your account will be immediately suspended.

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