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Critics pile on education secretary, and she says her views are misunderstood
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Posted Mar 12, 2018 2:47 PM CDT

  • Hang on, Democrats: Blogger Ben Mathis-Lilley writes that DeVos seems to be taking a lot of flak on because of her advocacy of two key points: First, "that rewarding high-performing schools with more resources will compel low-performing schools to improve themselves." And second, "that 'school choice' programs should be expanded despite mixed or poor results in states such as Michigan." The problem for Democrats, writes Mathis-Lilley, is "that these principles have been a crucial part of their party’s education policy for 17 years." He explains at Slate.
  • Congressman's slam: "Betsy DeVos wasn't asked what is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow," tweeted Democratic Rep. Ted Lieu, using a reference to the movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail. "She was asked basic questions about education and had trouble answering them."
  • Trump's cursing: Asked Monday on Today about President Trump's reference to NBC's Chuck Todd as a "son of a bitch," DeVos said, "I would probably use different language myself, and I think we all have an opportunity and a responsibility to be examples to our kids." That "would include the president," she added, per the AP.
  • Guns: DeVos, who is leading a new commission on school violence, said only teachers who are "capable and qualified" should be allowed to have guns in the classroom, per Politico. "The point is that schools should have this tool if they choose to use the tool. … Nobody should be mandated to do it."
  • A theme: Lots of critical coverage says something along the lines of "DeVos struggled to answer basic questions." (As with the congressman above.) See just a few of the examples at Axios, CNN, Vox, Vice News, Complex, and even People.
  • Sexist? Conservative site Townhall calls out sports commentator Peter Gammons for joining the fray and suggesting that DeVos quit her job and clean houses instead. "Will feminists stick up for her?" wonders Cortney O'Brien.
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