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Eat More Fat, Fewer Carbs

Research shows low-fat diets don't keep us alive longer

(Newser) - Fat, it turns out, is good for you. Or at least it's not as bad as we previously thought, per a sweeping new study that suggests low-fat diets could increase the risk of early death, the Telegraph reports. The surprising findings published in the Lancet suggest that instead of... More »

Study Identifies the Worst Fats for Your Heart

To protect your heart, choose butter over margarine: study

(Newser) - If nothing else can get you to cut back on trans fats, maybe the threat of death will do it. Researchers who analyzed 123 observational studies on saturated and trans fats published in the last 30 years found people who consumed a diet high in saturated fats saw no increased... More »

FDA: Dump 'Heart Attack' Trans Fats in 3 Years

Obama gives food companies 3 years to phase out artificial trans fats

(Newser) - The Obama administration is cracking down on artificial trans fats, calling them a threat to public health. The FDA said today it will require food companies to phase out the use of artificial trans fats almost entirely. Consumers aren't likely to notice much of a difference, but the administration... More »

Report Makes 'Case Against Microwave Popcorn'

Website warns about fats, nonstick coating, and sodium

(Newser) - Like a nice bowl of microwave popcorn in the evening? Others do too—in fact, America downs 16 billion quarts of popcorn annually—but Safebee reports that many microwave popcorns come with apparent health risks. Four, to be exact:
  • Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA): This nonstick coating can be found in fire-fighting
... More »

Is Imported Nutella Really Different?

A little, in terms of taste and texture, a Post reporter finds; maybe make your own?

(Newser) - If you ever visit gourmet grocers or Italian markets, you've probably seen it: Imported Nutella, straight from Italy, sold in a glass jar at multiple times the price of the Canadian-made stuff found in most US supermarkets. And perhaps you've wondered: Is it really any different? Many devotees... More »

US to Ban Trans Fats

FDA takes first step

(Newser) - The US Food and Drug Administration is announcing today that it will require the food industry to gradually phase out trans fats, saying they are a threat to people's health. The agency is not yet setting a timeline for the phase-out, but it will collect comments for two months... More »

Big Apple Healthier Thanks to Trans Fats Ban

Consumption of damaging fat is way down, researchers find

(Newser) - New Yorkers are healthier today thanks to the city's groundbreaking ban on trans fats in restaurant food, according to a new report. Researchers from the city's health department found that diners consumed an average 2.4 fewer grams of trans fat per lunch after the 2008 ban took... More »

Governator Signs Calif. Trans Fat Ban

Nation's first state-wide restrictions hits restaurants in 2010, baked goods in '11

(Newser) - California became the first state to ban trans fats from restaurant and bakery cooking today, the Los Angeles Times reports. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill passed last week by the legislature, saying it would help Californians’ health. Some restaurateurs, such as Wolfgang Puck—who had already phased the oils... More »

LA Will Certify Eateries as Trans Fat-Free

Restaurants that submit to testing will get decal to display

(Newser) - Los Angeles County will begin certifying trans-fat-free restaurants and rewarding those that pass muster with a decal in a voluntary campaign rolled out yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reports. Restaurants that pay a $204 application fee will get a surprise visit from inspectors to confirm that their kitchens are free... More »

Dunkin' Donuts Will Cut the Trans Fat

New oil won't clog arteries but will still make you fat

(Newser) - Dunkin' Donuts says it will eliminate nearly all trans fat from items on its menu by October 15—including the doughnuts. The chain will switch to a more heart-friendly blend of palm, soybean and cottonseed oils. But the company itself cautions consumers to keep the move  in perspective. "Certainly,... More »

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