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DC Jitters: Inauguration Rehearsal Is Evacuated

Smoke from a nearby homeless encampment caused a scare

(Newser) - The US Capitol complex temporarily locked down Monday during a rehearsal for President-elect Biden's inauguration after a fire in a homeless encampment about a mile away sent a plume of smoke into the air and caused security concerns, per the AP . But law enforcement officials said there was no...

Records Show Trump Allies' Fingerprints on DC Rally

Members of the president's reelection campaign were listed on a rally permit

(Newser) - Members of President Trump’s failed reelection campaign played key roles in orchestrating the rally that spawned a deadly assault on the US Capitol, according to an AP analysis, undercutting claims the event was the brainchild of the president's grassroots supporters. Pro-Trump nonprofit Women for America First hosted the...

Police Arrest Armed Man Near Capitol

Virginia contractor presented credentials but wasn't authorized to enter the area

(Newser) - A Virginia man was arrested at a security checkpoint near the US Capitol on Friday evening after police said they found a pistol and more than 500 rounds of ammunition in his pickup. Seeing stickers on the truck with messages such as "If they come for your guns Give...

Proud Boys Leader: 'We're Going to Take a Chill Pill'

Henry 'Enrique' Tarrio says group will stay away from DC on Inauguration Day

(Newser) - The leader of the Proud Boys has been banned from the nation's capital , and now he says the rest of the group is likely to stay away from Washington, DC, as well on Jan. 20. "We’re going to take a chill pill," Henry "Enrique" Tarrio,...

Upset by Fellow Veterans in Mob, Volunteers Battle Hate

Teams go through Capitol area and DC streets, removing signs of hate

(Newser) - Just last year, after the death of George Floyd in police custody, a group of veterans called Continue to Serve was formed. David Smith had seen the unrest near the White House and wanted veterans to work for equality and justice. "When I saw Lafayette Square get cleared, I...

Joe Biden's Amtrak Ride to DC Is Out

Plans change amid security concerns for inauguration

(Newser) - President-elect Joe Biden will no longer be taking an Amtrak train to Washington for his inauguration because of security concerns, a person briefed on the decision told the AP on Wednesday. The president-elect’s decision reflects growing worries over potential threats in the Capitol and across the US in the...

Pelosi's Lectern Is Back on the Job

It never left the Capitol, a Pelosi spokesman said

(Newser) - After a harrowing experience during the Jan. 6 assault on the US Capitol by a pro-Trump mob, Nancy Pelosi’s lectern is reportedly back on the job. The lectern—which has been widely seen in photos being carried by accused rioter Adam Johnson , a Florida man who has since been...

Before Impeachment, Trump Issued Call to 'Ease Tensions'

'There must be no violence,' he said

(Newser) - A week after President Trump rallied a crowd of his supporters—some of whom went on to storm the US Capitol—with unfounded claims of election fraud and a declaration that, “You’ll never take back our country with weakness," he is urging calm amid reports of more...

Pentagon, Secret Service Prep for Threats to Inauguration Day

National Guard troops who are deployed to Washington, DC, will be armed

(Newser) - Officials in Washington, DC, are preparing for a range of possible threats on Inauguration Day. As many as 15,000 National Guard troops will be deployed to the nation's capital in advance of President-elect Joe Biden taking the oath of office on January 20, and the Pentagon has decided...

Disturbing Video Emerges of Capitol Officer Beaten

One rioter hits prone officer with an American flag

(Newser) - It's a brutal scene, so be warned before watching. CNN aired video Sunday night that shows a Capitol Hill police officer being beaten by members of the throng that descended on the Capitol last week. On Twitter , the scene now has more than 2 million views. As the Washington ...

Capitol Police 'Left Naked' Despite Warnings

Police leaders stuck to the status quo in the face of threats

(Newser) - Despite ample warnings about pro-Trump demonstrations in Washington, US Capitol Police did not bolster staffing on Wednesday and made no preparations for the possibility that the planned protests could escalate into massive violent riots, according to several people briefed on law enforcement's response. The revelations shed new light on...

Retired Air Force Colonel ID'd as Member of Capitol Mob

Larry Rendall Brock, Jr., was shown holding zip-tie cuffs on the Senate floor

(Newser) - There’s been a lot of chatter about the intentions of the “ zip-tie guys ,” who were part of a pro-Trump mob that stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday. They were photographed in the building clutching zip-tie handcuffs. One of them has now been identified as retired Air Force...

In Month Before Riot, One Ominous Phrase Dominated

'Storm the Capitol' was mentioned 100K times online

(Newser) - Many big outlets are taking deeper looks into the violence that wracked Washington. Some of the highlights:
  • The New York Times reports that the phrase "Storm the Capitol" was mentioned 100,000 times in various online forums in the month preceding Jan. 6, according to media firm Zignal Labs.

State Lawmaker Resigns After Joining Capitol Mob

Derrick Evans of West Virginia is among those facing federal charges

(Newser) - A newly sworn-in state lawmaker is stepping down after footage from Wednesday's Capitol attack showed him joining the mob. Derrick Evans of West Virginia had only recently joined the state's House of Delegates when he live-streamed himself on Facebook among the throng, per West Virginia Metro News . “...

Want an Active Lifestyle? Live Here

These are the US cities where you can be the fittest version of you

(Newser) - New year, new you? If that's one of your goals for 2021, and fitness is integral to that goal, there are parts of the US that may suit you best. In its quest to track down where the promise of an active lifestyle beckons, WalletHub analyzed the 100 largest...

Lectern Guy, QAnon Shaman Among Arrests

They face charges in connection to Wednesday's Capitol violence

(Newser) - You’ve seen the photograph: A guy wearing a Trump beanie smiles and waves in the US Capitol while holding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern. That man, identified as 36-year-old Adam Johnson of Parrish, Fla., was arrested Friday night and is being held on a federal warrant, NBC News...

Video Shows Ashli Babbitt's Final Moments

The Air Force veteran was among Trump supporters storming the Capitol

(Newser) - The Air Force veteran killed during the storming of the Capitol was shot as she began to climb through the broken part of a door leading into an area known as the Speaker's Lobby, videos posted online show. Minutes before the shooting Wednesday, the AP reports, the large crowd...

2 Arrests Made of High-Profile Participants in DC Riot

West Virginia lawmaker Derrick Evans and Richard Barnett, who sat at Pelosi's desk are charged

(Newser) - Two of the most high-profile participants in this week's DC riots have been arrested:
  • Richard Barnett, who was pictured sitting in Nancy Pelosi's office during the melee, was taken into custody in Little Rock, Arkansas, on Friday, reports CNN . The 60-year-old is charged with entering and remaining in

Troubling Details Emerge in Death of Capitol Officer

'New York Times' reports Brian Sicknick was assaulted with a fire extinguisher

(Newser) - The inquiry into the death of Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick is now a federal murder investigation, reports CNN . The exact circumstances surrounding his death are still being fleshed out, though some disturbing details have emerged. Coverage:
  • In a news release , the Capitol Police says Sicknick was injured "while

A 'Day of Reckoning' for Social Media

Trump banned from FB, IG 'indefinitely,' while social media sees a 'reckoning' in general after DC riots

(Newser) - On Wednesday, Twitter and Facebook locked down President Trump's social media accounts after inflammatory posts he made during a day marked by chaos and violence on Capitol Hill. On Thursday, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg took things further. "The shocking events of the last 24 hours clearly demonstrate that...

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