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Once a Pro-Lifer, She'll Soon Perform Abortions

Med student details what changed her mind

(Newser) - Rozalyn Farmer Love grew up Catholic, taught that abortions are categorically wrong. But the third-year medical student delved into women's health, meeting women in agonizing situations along the way, and realized that although "ending an unwanted pregnancy is a tragedy," it's far worse to deny "safe, competent...

Confession Isn't Therapy, Church Warns

Priests told to get tough on sinners instead of providing counseling sessions

(Newser) - The Vatican plans a campaign to remind priests that the confessional isn't a psychiatrist's couch, the Guardian reports. A handbook will be issued to emphasize that sinners are in confession to be given penance, not counseling sessions. The number of Catholics going to confession has slumped in recent years and...

Obama Speaks at Notre Dame Today Amid Protests, Vigils

(Newser) - Students at Notre Dame upset that President Obama will deliver today's commencement address began an all-night prayer vigil Saturday night, reports AP. Earlier, campus police arrested 19 anti-abortion protesters—none of them students—and charged them with trespassing, notes CNN. The invitation to pro-choice Obama has raised a ruckus at...

Monk's Guide to Sex Enthralls Poland

(Newser) - A celibate monk in Poland has a surprise hit on his hands—a sex guide for married couples that's being labeled a Catholic Kama Sutra, the BBC reports. Poles quickly snapped up the first run of Father Ksawery Knotz' book, which argues that religious couples' sex life should be "...

Priest Suspects Cuban Spies Snapped Him With Lover

Cutié says girlfriend is the love of his life

(Newser) - A celebrity priest photographed cavorting with his girlfriend on a beach has hinted Cuban spies might have been tailing him, the Miami Herald reports. "I knew that during some time I was being followed," Father Alberto Cutié told a Spanish-language TV station. "Being Cuban-American, we have that...

Miami Priest Admits 2-Year Affair

Photo scandal may lead him to marry woman he says he loves

(Newser) - The celebrity priest whose racy photos sparked a Catholic scandal broke his silence yesterday on The Early Show, admitting he’s in a 2-year sexual relationship with the woman in the pictures. Father Alberto Cutié said he’s in love with her and has never had sex with anyone else...

Vatican Stews Over Israel's Last Supper Fight

(Newser) - Israeli-Vatican tensions are expected to heat up yet again during Pope Benedict's visit today as the pontiff presses Catholic claims over a room in Jerusalem believed to be the site of Christ's last supper. The room is in a building that served for centuries as a mosque and is now...

Popular Fla. Priest Caught in Sex Scandal

(Newser) - A scandal involving a hunky and popular Catholic priest caught cavorting on a Florida beach with an attractive woman is renewing a debate over celibacy and the priesthood, the Miami Herald reports. After the Rev. Alberto Cutié—no sniggering, it's pronounced koo-tee-AY—was photographed kissing and fondling a...

Don't Blame Nuns for Your Bad Sex Life: Catholic Honcho

Cosmo editor struggles 'to undo damage'

(Newser) - Are Catholic nuns responsible for repressed and sexually frustrated American women? That's absolute nunsense, fumes a conservative Catholic leader after a former sex-columnist-turned-deputy-editor at Cosmo blamed uptight teaching by nuns for women's sexual hangups. "It's not easy to undo damage caused by years of exposure to Catholic-school nuns,"...

Sun: Mel's Girlfriend Preggers

(Newser) - Mel Gibson's wife filed for divorce when she learned his Russian lover was pregnant, reports the Sun. Robyn Gibson "put up with Mel for years but when she found out" Oksana Grigorieva was telling friends she was expecting, "it was the last straw," said a friend. Gibson...

Catholics 'Will Enjoy' Da Vinci Prequel: Howard

Director defends Angels & Demons from 'smear campaign'

(Newser) - Ron Howard wants to make something clear: He is not anti-Catholic, and neither is his upcoming film, Angels & Demons. The beleaguered prequel to the similarly controversial Da Vinci Code is under fire from the Catholic League, and Howard responds to the latest “silly and mean-spirited work of propaganda”...

There's Method to Andrew Sullivan's Madness
There's Method to Andrew Sullivan's Madness

There's Method to Andrew Sullivan's Madness

... But conservatives, gays can't figure it out

(Newser) - At age 8, Andrew Sullivan asked his mother if God really was omniscient. Her affirmative reply terrified him: “Then there’s no hope for me, Mum.” Despite his success, conservatives, Catholics, and gay activists might agree—even though he belongs to each of their constituencies, Johann Hari writes...

Cardinal: Notre Dame Forgot How to Be Catholic

(Newser) - Cardinal Francis George of Chicago ratcheted up the criticism of Notre Dame for inviting President Obama to give a commencement speech in May, the Tribune reports. The school “didn’t understand what it means to be Catholic when they issued this invitation,” said George. Catholic groups have criticized...

UK Bans Ad With Lusty 'Pope'
 UK Bans Ad With Lusty 'Pope' 

UK Bans Ad With Lusty 'Pope'

It caused 'serious offense,' ad council rules

(Newser) - A British advertising commission has blocked the use of a dancing, beer-guzzling photo-manipulated "Pope John Paul II" in an advertisement promoting a nightclub, reports the Telegraph. "It was hugely offensive," said a spokeswoman for a Polish organization, one of several Catholics who complained about the brochure. "...

Women May Get Equal Rights to UK Throne

New rules also may allow royal family to marry Catholics

(Newser) - Gordon Brown's office and Buckingham Palace are considering changes to centuries-old laws that bar Catholics from the British throne and give male heirs precedence over female ones. The royal family is said to be open to changing the succession laws, and all 53 countries in the British commonwealth are to...

NY Hotel Boss Axed for Ash Wednesday Slur

Palace Hotel chief bounced after mocking Catholic bell captain

(Newser) - The boss of a ritzy New York hotel has been canned for ordering a Catholic employee to lose his Ash Wednesday ashes, reports the New York Daily News. The manager of the Palace Hotel—located across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral—told the bell captain "wipe that f-----g...

Pope to Angolans: Convert Witchcraft Believers

(Newser) - The Pope urged Catholics in Angola to reach out and convert witchcraft believers frightened by “evil powers,” the AP reports. “In today's Angola, Catholics should offer the message of Christ to the many who live in the fear of spirits,” a fear that can lead them...

Let's Impeach the Pope
 Let's Impeach the Pope 

Let's Impeach the Pope

(Newser) - In his short reign, Pope Benedict has managed to insult Muslims, women, and Holocaust survivors, writes Robert S. McElvaine, a professor at Millsaps College in Mississippi. But his latest controversy, telling Africans that condoms increase the spread of AIDS, is the last straw. "I am a Catholic and the...

Pro-Choice Obama Exploits Sebelius' Catholicism
Pro-Choice Obama Exploits Sebelius' Catholicism

Pro-Choice Obama Exploits Sebelius' Catholicism

(Newser) - President Obama is enacting a ghastly brace of pro-choice policies, including weakening "conscience protections" for doctors and adopting the “most radical possible option” on stem cell research, Michael Gerson writes for the Washington Post. And enlisting a Catholic—HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius—to help implement his agenda “...

Survey: Religion Shrinks in US
 Survey: Religion Shrinks in US 

Survey: Religion Shrinks in US

Most groups lose members; Christianity falls 11%

(Newser) - A new survey shows sweeping changes in US religious attitudes over the past 18 years, with most religions losing members despite population growth, USA Today reports. Those identifying themselves as Christians have dropped 11% in a generation; mobility and marriage patterns have uprooted many religious affiliations. “More than ever...

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