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'Affluenza' Teen's Case Moved to Adult Court

Ethan Couch will likely get stricter probation conditions when he turns 19 in April

(Newser) - Two weeks ago, Ethan Couch was moved from a juvenile facility to an adult jail . Now the "affluenza" teen will move into the grown-up leagues in yet another way: A Texas judge decided Friday to transfer Couch's case from juvenile to adult court when he turns 19 on... More »

Pope Francis Washes Young Inmates' Feet

Symbolic act normally performed on lay people at basilica

(Newser) - Pope Francis took yet another step to burnish his "humble pope" image today, washing the feet of 12 prisoners at a youth detention center near Rome. While it's traditional for the pope to wash some feet on Maundy Thursday in a symbolic recreation of Jesus doing the same... More »

The 'Secret' of US Prisons: Teens Thrown in Solitary

Juveniles are protected there, but suffer psychologically

(Newser) - When juveniles are kept in adult jails and prisons, many are placed in solitary confinement for their own safety—but that can amount to psychological torture, experts tell NBC News . Imprisoned kids talk "about being in a cell alone, the size of a parking space, the size of an... More »

2 Girls Threatened Steubenville Victim: Cops

Teens charged with posting threats online

(Newser) - Police have arrested two 16-year-old girls for allegedly posting social media death threats against the victim of the Steubenville rape case, WTOC reports. The threats were made on Facebook and Twitter, the AP reports; CBS News quotes one of them as reading, "you ripped my family apart, you made... More »

Boys, 13, Make It 669 Miles in Mom's Swiped BMW

Seems one really, really wanted to skateboard in California

(Newser) - Two 13-year-old Ohio boys who stole a mother's car and drove it 669 miles to Kansas City, Mo., were found sleeping in a downtown alley, police said. The runaways from the Columbus area apparently gave their location away when one posted on Facebook that they were stuck in Kansas... More »

3 Teens Set Another on Fire, Police Say

15-year-old victim in Florida will be in hospital for 5 months

(Newser) - Three Florida teens have been charged with the brutal crime of dousing another teenager with a flammable liquid and setting him on fire. The 15-year-old victim, who was sitting by a pool at the time of the attack, is in serious condition and is expected to remain hospitalized for 5... More »

Court Scraps Pa. Juvenile Convictions

Corrupt judge took kickbacks from detention centers

(Newser) - Pennsylvania's highest court today overturned hundreds of juvenile convictions issued by a corrupt judge who took millions of dollars in kickbacks from youth detention centers. The state Supreme Court ruled that former judge Mark Ciavarella violated the constitutional rights of youth offenders who appeared in his courtroom without lawyers between... More »

Would-Be Teen Hijacker Was Suicidal, Cops Say

Boy had handcuffs, other items aboard flight from LA to Nashville

(Newser) - A California teenager who planned to hijack a flight from Los Angeles to Nashville is in state custody in Tennessee, the Tennessean reports. The 16-year-old had handcuffs and other suspicious items when he was detained, and authorities believe he was suicidal. The FBI dismissed reports he planned to crash the... More »

Teens Kill 7-Year-Old With Mortal Kombat Moves

Charged with as adults with felony child abuse

(Newser) - A 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend beat to death her little sister while imitating moves from the Mortal Kombat  video game, Colorado police say. Heather Trujillo and Lamar Roberts, 17, kicked, punched, and body-slammed 7-year-old Zoe Garcia until she was unconscious, CNN reports. They have been charged as adults with... More »

Mall Shooter Spent 2 Years in Treatment

'No indication' he would launch killing spree, says official

(Newser) - Mall shooter Robert Hawkins spent two years in extensive care at a Nebraska home for troubled teens, where an official said there was "no indication" he would launch one of the deadliest killing rampages in American history, the New York Times reports. He spent a total of five years... More »

'Little Emperors' Run Riot in China

Single-child pressures & tech revolution blamed in crime surge

(Newser) - China is seeing an explosion in youth crime, and the effects of the one-child policy  and sweeping social and technological change are thought to be partly to blame, reports Reuters. Juvenile delinquency has doubled in the last decade, with offenders getting bolder and more innovative. "They are committing new... More »

8-Year-Old Boy & Pals Charged in Playmate's Rape

Boys dragged 11-year-old girl into the woods: cops

(Newser) - Three little boys—one aged 8 and two aged 9—appeared yesterday in a Georgia court accused of kidnapping and raping an 11-year-old playmate. They stood before the judge in handcuffs and blue jail jump suits. Their playmate told police the three dragged her into a woods, where one of... More »

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