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Big Ruling on Virginia Has Unusual Supreme Split

5-4 decision has liberals and conservatives on both sides of gerrymandering ruling

(Newser) - Virginians will elect members of the House of Delegates this year using a map seen as favorable to Democrats, according to a ruling Monday by the US Supreme Court. The political boundaries are important because Republicans currently control the House by a 51-49 margin, per the AP . Only four states... More »

SCOTUS Agrees to Hear Case About a Pirate Ship

And not just any pirate: Blackbeard

(Newser) - A dispute involving the pirate Blackbeard's sunken ship is on deck for the Supreme Court's next term. The justices said Monday they will hear arguments in the fall in a copyright case involving the Queen Anne's Revenge, which was discovered off North Carolina's coast in 1996.... More »

SCOTUS Defers on Abortion, but 2 Justices are 'at War'

Clarence Thomas, Ruth Bader Ginsburg have drawn their 'battle lines'

(Newser) - The Supreme Court may have put off for now some of the core questions tied to Roe vs. Wade, but the Cut and CNN note justices Clarence Thomas and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are now "officially at war" and "drawing their battle lines." All of the justices agreed... More »

McConnell Has New Position on High Court Vacancies

Senate leader blocked Obama pick, but wouldn't stop Trump's

(Newser) - If a vacancy opens up on the Supreme Court next year during the presidential campaign, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he'll try to win confirmation for President Trump's nominee. During the last campaign, McConnell blocked confirmation for Merrick Garland, who was nominated by President Obama. On Tuesday,... More »

Supreme Court Offers Up a Signal on Abortion Cases

New ruling suggests justices not yet ready to tackle core constitutional questions

(Newser) - The Supreme Court weighed in on abortion restrictions Tuesday, but the result suggests justices aren't yet ready to tackle the core principles at issue in Roe v. Wade, according to early analysis in multiple outlets. In Tuesday's ruling, the court delivered good and bad news for both sides... More »

Sweeping Roe v. Wade Decision? Not Roberts' Style

Analysts think his Supreme Court more likely to 'chip away' than overturn

(Newser) - As several states move to restrict abortion—including Alabama and now Missouri, per CBS News —the big question is whether these new laws will lead to a direct challenge at the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade. But one common theme in coverage is that Chief Justice John... More »

Alabama Governor Signs It

Gov. Kay Ivey puts pen to paper

(Newser) - Alabama's Republican governor signed the most stringent abortion legislation in the nation Wednesday, making performing an abortion a felony in nearly all cases, the AP reports. "To the bill's many supporters, this legislation stands as a powerful testament to Alabamians' deeply held belief that every life is... More »

Divided Supreme Court OKs Lawsuit Against Apple

iPhone users sued over the App Store

(Newser) - A divided Supreme Court ruled Monday that consumers can pursue an antitrust lawsuit that claims Apple has unfairly monopolized the market for the sale of iPhone apps, the AP reports. New Justice Brett Kavanaugh joined the court's four liberals in rejecting a plea from Cupertino, Calif.-based Apple to... More »

One Problem With Trump's Threat to Take It to SCOTUS

President tweets that he'd take any impeachment attempt to Supreme Court

(Newser) - President Trump tweeted Wednesday he'll go directly to the Supreme Court "if the partisan Dems" ever try to impeach him. But Trump's strategy could run into a roadblock: the high court itself, which said in 1993 that the framers of the Constitution didn't intend for the... More »

Big Test for LGBT Rights on Supreme Court Docket

Justices will rule on workplace discrimination

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is taking on a major test of LGBT rights in cases that look at whether federal civil rights law bans job discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, per the AP . The justices said Monday they will hear cases involving people who claim they... More »

Syed's Lawyer: We're Taking This All the Way

Adnan Syed's attorney plans to petition the Supreme Court

(Newser) - Adnan Syed's lawyer took a hit Friday but vowed to keep on fighting. C. Justin Brown tweeted that he will petition the US Supreme Court to take up the murder case chronicled in the popular Serial podcast and HBO documentary series, the Baltimore Sun reports. This after the Maryland... More »

SCOTUS Rules Against Man Whose Blood Could Kill Him

Russell Bucklew wanted to be put to death using nitrogen gas

(Newser) - The death penalty does not violate the Eighth Amendment's ban on cruel and unusual punishment—but the Supreme Court on Monday expressed that death-row inmates are not guaranteed a "painless death," ruling 5-4 along ideological lines in a case brought by Russell Bucklew. The 50-year-old is scheduled... More »

Death Row Inmate Wants Buddhist Minister With Him at Execution

Patrick Murphy is seeking a stay of execution over the issue

(Newser) - Attorneys for a Texas death row inmate have asked the US Supreme Court to stay his lethal injection until a Buddhist minister can be present with him in the execution chamber, the AP reports. Patrick Murphy's lawyers argue that executing the 57-year-old "Texas 7" member without his spiritual... More »

Bump Stocks Destroyed as SCOTUS Again Declines to Halt Ban

Ban on the devices took effect Tuesday

(Newser) - The largest supplier of bump stocks turned in its entire remaining inventory to be destroyed—some 60,000 devices. Washington state's buyback program was so popular it ran out of money. One dealer held a "Viking funeral" for his last bump stock, pouring a can of beer on... More »

SCOTUS Gives Moose Hunter OK to 'Rev Up His Hovercraft'

Alaska moose hunter can once again use his hovercraft to hunt moose, high court rules

(Newser) - The National Park Service improperly banned an Alaska moose hunter from using a hovercraft on a river through a national preserve, the US Supreme Court ruled Tuesday in a unanimous decision. The court limited the National Park Service's authority to enforce laws and regulations on state-owned rivers in Alaska,... More »

Supreme Court Says No on Bump Stocks

The high court refuses to impede the bump-stock ban

(Newser) - The Supreme Court is so far declining to stop the Trump administration from enforcing its ban on bump stock devices, which allow semi-automatic weapons to fire like machine guns, the AP reports. The ban took effect Tuesday. The administration is in the unusual position of arguing against gun rights groups.... More »

'Insanity Plea' Cases May Never Be the Same

The US Supreme Court takes up James Kahler's case

(Newser) - The day after Thanksgiving in 2009, James Kahler went to the home of his estranged wife's grandmother, where he shot the two women, along with his two teenage daughters. No one—not even Kahler's attorneys—disputes that he killed the four relatives. Instead, his lawyers argue that he... More »

Clarence Thomas Makes an Extremely Rare Move

He asks 2nd question in 13 years

(Newser) - Something highly unusual happened at the Supreme Court on Wednesday: Justice Clarence Thomas asked a question. The Hill reports that spectators were shocked when the notoriously silent justice asked a question—and a follow-up— during an argument on racial discrimination in jury selection. The court was hearing the case of... More »

Supreme Court Sides With Trump in Detention Case

Case involved noncitizens who commit deportable crimes

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled Tuesday against a group of immigrants in a case about the government's power to detain them after they've committed crimes but finished their sentences, the AP reports. The issue before the justices had to do with the detention of noncitizens who have committed a... More »

Supreme Court to Weigh Beltway Sniper's Sentence

He was a juvenile at the time of the killings, and he was sent away for life without parole

(Newser) - The Supreme Court will consider a challenge to the life sentence given to one of the snipers who killed 10 people in the Washington, DC, area, in 2002. Lee Boyd Malvo was 17 at the time of the killings, and the court said in 2012 that mandatory life sentences without... More »

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