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Where Are All the Male Groupies?

Female rockers don't get much action on tour, they say

(Newser) - Male rock stars are notorious for their groupie magnetism—but the same just isn’t true for female rockers, Salon finds. “Ladies in bands don’t get ANY action,” Neko Case tweeted last weekend, prompting a flurry of agreement from fellow women in rock. (Case made clear later... More »

Keith Riffs on 'Boinky' Groupies, Sexy Mick

Jagger's 'excruciating campness' gets a dig in wide-ranging GQ sit-down

(Newser) - Rolling Stones mummy Keith Richards is still kicking, and GQ got him talking about—what else?—sex, drugs and rock 'n roll in his Manhattan "office" while he downed a vodka on the rocks. Richards doesn't debunk any myths, certainly. "It wasn't just boinky-boinky" with the groupies, he... More »

2 Stories