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Prostitution Is Becoming the New Normal

'Vanity Fair' looks at increasingly common 'arrangements'

(Newser) - A big debate in the media these days is whether prostitution is, or should be, a legit profession. Witness two prior articles at New York ("Is Prostitution Just Another Job?") and the New York Times Magazine ("Should Prostitution Be a Crime?"). Now a piece at Vanity ... More »

For Nevada Brothels, It's 'Innovate' or Die

Which, as one writer says, means 'survival of the freakiest'

(Newser) - Nevada brothels aren't the hot commodity they used to be: Where there were once 34 licensed brothels in the state, there are now only 19, the Guardian reports, with bordellos closing down on a fairly regular basis—one owner even tried to dump two of his venues on Craigslist,... More »

Canada Bans Foreign Strippers

Move is to protect women, government says

(Newser) - Seeking to protect women from exploitation, Canada is ending visas for foreign strippers, reports the Globe and Mail . Foreign escorts and massage parlor workers will also be banned. The government says the move is to combat human trafficking but critics say the ruling Conservative Party is just being prudish. The... More »

LA Sex Conventions Can't Get Along

There's only room in this town for one adult show... even in Los Angeles

(Newser) - Things are getting dirty. Competing sex conventions in Los Angeles are in the middle of a public feud over the right to host events at the LA Convention Center. The managers of Adultcon—the largest of the three—have canceled two of next year's shows because the city is... More »

Strip-Club Ban Cements Iceland's Feminist Cred

Female politicians key to movement

(Newser) - A law that forbids any business from making a profit off its employees’ nudity has sounded the death knell for strip clubs, and indeed the sex industry as a whole, in Iceland —news that has Julie Bindel hailing the island as the world’s most feminist country. Iceland is... More »

Why Men Are Hooked on Hookers

Paid sex 'unfulfilling, empty, terrible,' and irresistible, they say

(Newser) - If the results of an international research project are to be believed, men who pay for sex are awfully confused people. "I don't get anything out of sex with prostitutes except for a bad feeling" was typical of the responses researchers heard from johns, many of whom were eager... More »

Crowds Flock to Church's 'Porn Talk'

Former sex film producer among the speakers at Christian anti-porn forum

(Newser) - Over a thousand people are descending on an Atlanta-area church this weekend for 3 days of talks on pornography, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The "Porn Talk" event, one of many put on by anti-porn Christian group, seeks to address the harm pornography is doing to children, families,... More »

Strip Clubs, Lap Dances Part of Corporate Life in UK

Report finds widespread use of strip clubs for entertaining is 'threatening equality'

(Newser) - The sex industry has become a mainstream part of corporate culture in Britain and is damaging workplace equality, a report from a  women's group finds. Researchers found that many firms authorize the use of expense accounts for entertaining clients in lap dancing and strip clubs, and that most strip clubs... More »

Fall-Back Job for Japanese Women: Flirting

Recession sends women into night clubs to sexily serve drinks

(Newser) - Jobs are scarce in Japan, so women are turning to a once-shunned profession: “hostessing.” They’re paid handsomely to serve drinks to, and, more importantly, lavish attention on, the patrons of gentlemen’s clubs, the New York Times reports. A good flirt can easily earn $100,000 a... More »

RI Strip Club Hosts Job Fair

Establishment hopes to attract 'new faces' to adult industry

(Newser) - A prominent Rhode Island strip club is betting that long spells of unemployment will attract newcomers to the adult entertainment industry, the Providence Journal reports. The Foxy Lady is even hosting a job fair tomorrow, looking to hire up to 25 new dancers, bartenders and bouncers. Unemployment in Rhode Island... More »

Brothels to Nevada: Tax Us, Please

Brothel owners see taxes as insurance to keep them legal

(Newser) - Nevada's brothel owners are offering to fork over tax money to the state to help cover its debts—but legislators are reluctant to increase the state's involvement in the $50-million-a-year sex business, reports the New York Times. Nevada's 25 legal brothels pay hefty taxes to their home counties, but are... More »

Tokyo Dims Red Light in Olympic Bid

Officials aim to keep 'local color' in crackdown

(Newser) - Japan’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics has prompted a cleanup of Tokyo’s red light district, but local proprietors aren’t eager to change local culture, the Guardian reports. Police, backed by a governor hoping to snuff out sleaze, are getting tough about a new law forcing sex... More »

Brothels Screwed by Economy

Even sex isn't selling as truckers losing 'play money' bypass Nevada brothels

(Newser) - The flagging economy is threatening to send Nevada's whorehouses to the poorhouse, the Los Angeles Times reports. Managers of some of the state's 25 legal brothels say they have no shortage of newcomers—some as old as 74—wishing to enter the world's oldest profession, but food and fuel prices... More »

Bangkok Pol Assaults Host on Live TV

Strip-club owner turned candidate irked by probing questions

(Newser) - A Thai politician, vexed by an interviewer’s questions, pummeled the man on live TV today, Reuters reports. Chuvit Kamolvisit, a strip-club magnate turned Bangkok gubernatorial contender, did not deny the charges. “What I did was a petty crime,” he said. “I am happy to pay the... More »

No More Expense-Account Hookers for Deutsche Bank

Hotel porn, first-class travel take hit as credit crunch hits home in Germany

(Newser) - In a sign of just how bad the credit crisis has become, Deutsche Bank has forbidden its employees from using expense accounts to pay for brothel visits and hotel porn, the Independent reports. It's unclear if execs have been seeking relief from subprime woes—the German giant has written down... More »

UK Balks at Hooters' Expansion

Opponents say chain will encourage broader sex industry

(Newser) - Some Britons are choking on Hooters' plan to serve up another 35 locations in the UK, the Guardian reports. Britain has one so far, but feminists are already accusing the chain of importing misogyny and sexist entertainment with its chicken wings. "Without the sexualised waiters and the soft porn... More »

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