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Bishops Just Gave Catholics a Big Lenten Dispensation

Some dioceses are letting followers eat meat on Fridays (but not Good Friday) due to coronavirus

(Newser) - Catholics who don't eat meat on Fridays during Lent, as well as give up other things during the 40 or so days of the religious observance before Easter, probably didn't anticipate this year also sacrificing hanging out with friends, heading out to restaurants and bars, and attending most...

This Might've Been the Largest Child Sacrifice Ever

Remains of 140 children, 200 young llamas found in Peru

(Newser) - Decades before it was felled by the larger Inca civilization around 1475 AD, the Chimu people in what is now northern Peru gathered more than 140 children on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean and slaughtered them all. Archaeologists who've uncovered the remains of boys, girls, and 200 young...

Did Texas Baseball Players Kill Chickens to Win Game?

An alleged tale of superstitions gone wrong

(Newser) - The Western Hills High baseball team wasn’t doing so well—so, allegedly, two of its players sacrificed chickens on the field in an effort to improve the team’s performance. The bizarre ritual was referenced in Major League, although in that movie, the struggling player sacrificed a bucket of...

Sacrificial Free Sheep Offered With TV at Israeli Shop

Veterinary authorities close down grim promotion

(Newser) - It's sheep-slaughtering time among Israel's minority Arabs and an electrical appliance shop is cashing in with a buy-one-get-one free offer—but in this case, the freebie is a sheep. The shop offered a free sheep, to be sacrificed on today's Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha, with any purchase of a...

Nepal Suffers Shortage of Sacrificial Goats

Country running short of goats ahead of major Hindu festival

(Newser) - Baa-ad news. Nepal is facing a severe shortage of sacrificial goats ahead of one of the Hindu calendar's biggest festivals, the BBC reports. Officials are searching the countryside for as many as 4,000 goats to buy and bring to Kathmandu ahead of the Dashain festival, in which goats are...

Pain + Sacrifice = Marital Bliss
 Pain + Sacrifice 
 = Marital Bliss 


Pain + Sacrifice = Marital Bliss

Adversity makes couples' bond stronger, experts say

(Newser) - Marital bliss? Toss it out the window, and get down to pain and anguish ASAP, experts say. While many studies find that stress can exacerbate a marriage—turning a short-tempered husband into an abusive one, for example—some experts say adversity is the key to marital success. "It’s...

Globe's Rank-and-File Will Take Pay Cuts—if Execs Do

Management, unions sit down

(Newser) - Unionized Boston Globe employees say they’re willing to make sacrifices to save their foundering newspaper—but only if executives and managers do the same, the Globe reports. “If management is willing to lead us, to take pay cuts and concessions, I'm sure the union would be willing,”...

Way More Than Just Standing By Her Man
Way More Than Just Standing By Her Man

Way More Than Just Standing By Her Man

Michelle Obama's public service a boon to Barack's rise

(Newser) - When Barack Obama met Michelle Robinson, she was on the fast track at a prestigious Chicago law firm. As the story goes, Obama took her with him when he left to start a public life, surprising Michelle’s friends and family. But Mrs. Obama’s own entrée into not-for-profit...

'Sacrifice' Is Dirty Word in Energy Plans
'Sacrifice' Is Dirty Word in Energy Plans

'Sacrifice' Is Dirty Word in Energy Plans

Obama, McCain ditch candor in glossing over tough road ahead

(Newser) - Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama are each touting a plan to save America from the looming energy crisis, but they're providing too many sunny outlooks and not enough tough candor, Walter Shapiro writes in Salon. "The Ten Commandments of politics now began, 'Thou shalt not talk honestly...

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