Carol Thatcher

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Queen Sorry for Golliwog Dolls in Gift Shop

Uproar over blackface character prompts rare royal apology

(Newser) - Queen Elizabeth issued a rare apology after the revelation that a shop at one of her estates was selling "golliwogs"—a kind of blackface minstrel doll. The dolls, made in China, have frizzy black hair and beady eyes, and are prominently displayed at the gift shop at Sandringham,... More »

Margaret Thatcher Suffering From Dementia: Daughter

Multiple strokes, dementia taking their toll on former 'Iron lady' of Great Britain

(Newser) - Britain’s Iron Lady is succumbing to the effects of multiple small strokes and progressive dementia, reports the Telegraph. Margaret Thatcher's daughter, Carol, writes in a memoir to be published in September and now being serialized in a British newspaper that the former prime minister, now 82, has struggled for... More »

2 Stories