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This Soda 'Did Its Job.' Now It's Time to Go

Coca-Cola is cutting diet drink Tab from its portfolio after nearly 60 years

(Newser) - Rarely does a company keep selling a product that barely makes a dent in sales. For decades, though, Coca-Cola kept churning out Tab, a saccharin-sweetened beverage that once ruled the diet soda category, purely for the drink's obsessive fan base, who became known as "Tabaholics"—even after... More »

2 More Companies Announce Layoffs

MGM Resorts and Coca-Cola join the list

(Newser) - Two more big companies announced layoffs on Friday:
  • MGM Resorts will lay off 18,000 people as the casino industry struggles to recover. That represents about a quarter of the company's American workforce of 68,000 before the pandemic took hold, reports the Wall Street Journal .
  • Coca-Cola said it
... More »

Coke Has Awful Quarter, but There's an Upside

Company thinks worst of the pandemic-related losses are over

(Newser) - Coca-Cola just saw its quarterly revenue drop by the largest amount in at least three decades, reports CNBC . In normal times, a 28% plunge to $7.2 billion would be catastrophic. In pandemic times, the overall earnings report from the company is seen as "upbeat," per MarketWatch . Shares... More »

Women Soccer Players' Rep Blasts 'Caveman' Remarks

USSF chief apologizes after saying women have lesser responsibilities, physical abilities than guys

(Newser) - The US Soccer Federation apologized Wednesday after contending in court documents that women on its national team had lesser responsibilities and physical abilities than male counterparts, an assertion that drew widespread criticism and sparked a player protest, per the AP . "On behalf of US Soccer, I sincerely apologize for... More »

Here's Why Coca-Cola Won't Ditch Plastic Bottles

Soft drink behemoth says it's because of consumer demand

(Newser) - Coca-Cola apparently believes "the customer is always right"—so much so that the soft drink giant is refusing to stop producing its plastic soda bottles. The company, which the BBC notes was deemed the "most polluting brand" in a global audit of plastic waste last year, churns... More »

Coke Plans New Line to Challenge La Croix

Drink will come in 8 flavors, some with caffeine

(Newser) - Sales of sparkling water are booming, but Coca-Cola's Dasani Sparkling hasn't been popular enough to help the company cash in. So Coke will try again, with a new line of flavored seltzer waters, starting next March. AHA will be available in eight mixed flavors, CNN reports, including lime... More »

New Coke Is Coming Back

Just 500K cans of it though, thanks to 'Stranger Things'

(Newser) - New Coke was infamously unpopular , and yet something tells us the 500,000 cans Coca-Cola will soon be making available will go pretty quickly. The widely detested soda was introduced as the new version of the beloved beverage in 1985, but the original version was quickly brought back due to... More »

Coke's Newest Offering Has Booze in It

But you'll have to go to Japan to sample Chu-Hi

(Newser) - Coke: the pause that intoxicates. At least in Japan, where the Coca-Cola Co. will now offer a boozy carbonated beverage called Chu-Hi. The Telegraph reports this "alcopop" will be made up of fizzy water, flavoring, and a distilled Japanese alcohol called shochu, which Forbes has described as "the... More »

Have a Cherry Coke, Get a Warren Buffett Smile

Billionaire's face is being used on Cherry Coke cans in China

(Newser) - Amazon's Jeff Bezos may have knocked Warren Buffett into third place on the world's richest people list, but only one of them has been deemed worthy of gracing Cherry Coke cans in China—and it's not Bezos. For a limited time, Coca-Cola is splashing Buffett's mug... More »

Soda Industry Saver: Asian Melon?

Monk fruit from China is a natural sweetener, but it's expensive

(Newser) - A green fruit from China is being hailed as a potential savior for the soda industry. Diet-soda sales in particular have been in sharp decline of late, the Wall Street Journal reports, thanks in part to the debate raging around artificial sweetener aspartame and to the bitter aftertaste of natural... More »

Woman Dies After Downing 2 Gallons of Coke Per Day

Coca-Cola not pleased with release of coroner's report

(Newser) - Heavy drinking may have led to the death of a New Zealand woman—but it wasn't alcohol she was glugging. It was Coca-Cola, TVNZ reports. She reportedly drank some 2.2 gallons (that's 18 pints) of the soda every day, AFP notes, a habit that went on for... More »

Critics Pile on Coke's Anti-Obesity Ads

Campaign 'out of Damage Control 101,' critics say

(Newser) - Coca-Cola: Enemy of obesity? The soda giant calls for people to join together to fight obesity and hails its own efforts in a new ad campaign that began airing on major networks last night, the Los Angeles Times reports. "All calories count. No matter where they come from, including... More »

Coke Back in Burma After 60 Years

Coca-Cola will invest $100M in country: Burmese president

(Newser) - For the first time in more than 60 years, the people of Burma are able to kick back with a Coke. Now that US sanctions against Burma are over, Coca-Cola has teamed with a local manufacturing firm to ship Coke, Coke Light, and Sprite all over the country. It's... More »

Diet Coke and Coke Now Top Pepsi

Coke now makes top 2 sodas in US

(Newser) - It's not just Coke vs. Pepsi anymore: Diet Coke's sales beat out Pepsi’s for the first time in history last year, crowning it America’s No. 2 soda, the Wall Street Journal reports. In 2009, both Diet Coke and Pepsi held just under 10% of the market. But while... More »

7 Companies Built Around Really Old Products

Barbies, tires, and Corn Flakes rule these companies

(Newser) - Popular, decades-old products can be a blessing and a curse. For some businesses, these tried-and-true items account for a large chunk of sales. But if a newer, hipper, better product comes along...? 24/7 Wall St. looks at seven companies whose fame and fortune largely rests on aging products:
  • Kellogg:
... More »

New Coke Machine Pours 104 Drink Combos

'Freestyle' soda fountains let customers mix and match

(Newser) - Remember the good old days of mixing Coke, root beer, and Sprite at the soda fountain? Coca-Cola is putting a high-tech spin on that concept with its new “Freestyle” fountains, the Wall Street Journal reports. Diners will be able to whip up 104 different drinks—say Sprite with grape,... More »

Soda Tax Threat a Boon for Food Lobbyists

Industry pours millions into fight against it

(Newser) - Capitol Hill’s flirtation with a national excise tax on sugary drinks has been good for someone: food lobbyists. Soda makers, supermarkets, and fast-food restaurants have spent more than $24 million fighting the tax, the Huffington Post reports. “We are reacting to the situation we find ourselves in,"... More »

Coke Tests Milk Soft Drink in NY

Trial period for 'Vio' will assess whether US is ready for carbonated milk beverages

(Newser) - Coca-Cola has launched a consumer trial of Vio, a “vibrancy” soft drink that combines skimmed milk with a carbonated fruit soda, the Guardian reports. Vio is available only in New York as Coke measures demand for the beverage. Milk-based soft drinks are popular in Asia but have yet to... More »

Rally Fizzles to Mild Losses

Traders worry non-financial stocks may still feel recession's bite

(Newser) - Stocks closed lower today after an earlier rally died down as worries about consumer-discretionary and tech stocks overcame investors’ faith in global actions to quell the credit crisis, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Dow, up nearly 400 early, ended off 76.62, to 9,310.99. The Nasdaq, especially... More »

Buffett Grabs $3B Chunk of GE

Shrewd market player aiming for windfall after chaos clears

(Newser) - Mega-pockets investor Warren Buffett is sinking $3 billion into General Electric, whose share prices have slumped a third amid the financial chaos on Wall Street, Reuters reports. Buffet, 78, negotiated a 10% dividend, which could generate $300 million income a year. The move comes a week after he invested $5... More »

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