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Pot Doubles Risk of a 'Stunned' Heart

Study links marijuana use with rare condition takotsubo

(Newser) - Marijuana might help you see in the dark , but it might also cause what feels like a heart attack. Researchers from St. Luke's University Health Network say marijuana users are twice as likely to suffer a rare "stunning" of the heart linked to stress, known as stress cardiomyopathy... More »

Child Cancer Survivors Risk Heart Trouble Years Later

Weakening starts to show in young adults

(Newser) - Kids who’ve conquered cancer can end up battling the effects of treatment years later as young adults, the Wall Street Journal reports. Some 10% of kids treated with drugs called anthracyclines, powerful against leukemia and other cancers, later suffer from progressive  weakening of the heart that can lead to... More »

Japanese Law Prevents Boy's Life-Saving Transplant

(Newser) - A Japanese law prevents 11-year-old Hiroki Ando from receiving the heart he so desperately needs, CNN reports. Ando suffers from cardiomyopathy and will likely die—as his sister did 5 years ago—without a heart transplant. But the minimum age for organ donations in Japan is 15. "This stipulation... More »

Heart 'Time Bomb' Ticking for 60M

1 in 100 have mutant gene that increases risk sevenfold

(Newser) - Scientists have discovered a mutant gene carried by 1% of the population which almost guarantees heart disease in later life, reports the BBC. Some 60 million people have the genetic time bomb, including 4% of the total population of India. The gene increases the risk of heart disease sevenfold, according... More »

4 Stories