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'Smartest' Celeb Apprentice Cast Revealed

And it includes ... Teresa Giudice?

(Newser) - This season's Celebrity Apprentice cast is the smartest ever, according to an executive producer—but that might not really be saying much, considering members include bankrupt Real Housewife Teresa Giudice and mob-daughter-turned-reality-star Victoria Gotti. Even so, "We've never seen such a smart and funny group as this... More »

New York's Biggest Divas

Mariah Carey is pretty bad, but don't write off Alex Rodriguez, Lady Gaga

(Newser) - Thanks to the Oscar buzz surrounding Mariah Carey’s role in Precious, she is poised to become an even bigger primadonna. But the New York Daily News takes a look at other divas—and divos—in the Big Apple who could give her a run for her money:
  • Alex Rodriguez:
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Victoria Gotti Spills Mob Secrets in Tell-All Book

Author describes ritual that 'made' Junior

(Newser) - Victoria Gotti insists she doesn’t condone crime. But in her new tell-all book, The Family of Mine, Mafia don John Gotti's daughter compares mobsters to Robin Hood and his merry men, claims they’re better than corrupt politicians, and says she sees no difference between paying into a protection... More »

Celebs Headed for Foreclosure

Jacko, Canseco, Ed McMahon fight for roofs over their heads

(Newser) - Even the famous aren't immune to foreclosure, as these celebrities, listed in Forbes, prove:
  • Xzibit: A pimped ride hasn’t been enough to pay the bills on his $536,000 Woodland Hills, Calif., home.
  • Jose Canseco: The ex-ballplayer, who penned a book on big-league steroids, stands to lose his $2.
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4 Stories