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Letterman Opens Up About Cheating Scandal

Late Show host calls infidelity 'stupid behavior'

(Newser) - David Letterman is dead set on repairing his marriage after the infidelity that led to an extortion attempt last year, People reports. Appearing on Live! With Regis and Kelly, Letterman likened the events of last year to "an explosion," saying, "You're looking at the shards and you...

Letterman to NYPD, Prosecutors: Thank You

 to NYPD, 
 Thank You 
blackmailer pleads guilty

Letterman to NYPD, Prosecutors: Thank You

Robert Halderman cops plea in $2M blackmail case

(Newser) - The David Letterman blackmail case ended with a guilty plea today, and the Late Night host wasted little time thanking the prosecutors and investigators who nailed Robert Halderman. "I’d never been involved in anything like this in my life, and I was concerned and full of anxiety and...

Letterman Blackmailer to Plead Guilty Today

Deal for Robert Halderman includes 6 months in prison

(Newser) - Accused David Letterman blackmailer Robert Halderman will have that “accused” dropped today when he pleads guilty to extorting the late night host for $2 million. According to details of the deal obtained by the New York Post , Halderman will serve 6 months in jail and 4½ years of probation,...

Blackmailer Read Letterman All Wrong
 Blackmailer Read 
 Letterman All Wrong  

Blackmailer Read Letterman All Wrong

He's notoriously private, but don't cross him

(Newser) - When Robert Halderman asked David Letterman for $2 million, he probably assumed the notoriously private Letterman would pay him off to avoid public embarrassment. But "all Dave cares about is his career," a source tells New York in a lengthy look at the host and the scandal. "...

There's a Letterman Sex Tape: Enquirer
 There's a Letterman 
 Sex Tape: Enquirer 

There's a Letterman Sex Tape: Enquirer

Security camera caught comic in 'compromising position' with staffer

(Newser) - Security-camera tape of David Letterman “in a compromising position” with a young female staffer is the next shoe to drop in the scandal surrounding the CBS late-night host, the National Enquirer reports. “Dave apparently didn’t know the location of the security cameras at his Late Night studios,...

Letterman Brought Galpal on Family Vacations

Stephanie Birkitt was in Caribbean with Letterman, wife Regina Lasko, son

(Newser) - Add one more item to the list of things Regina Lasko has against hubby David Letterman. The Late Show host brought galpal Stephanie Birkitt along on vacations with Lasko and son Harry, sources tell the New York Post. Other friends and coworkers were also invited along; one of the trips...

Halderman: Dave Bedded '6 or 7' Staffers

Plus, Letterman's wife Regina Lasko forced him into second apology

(Newser) - Stephanie Birkitt is getting the most attention, but she's not be the only staffer David Letterman seduced—not by a long shot, says accused extortionist Robert Halderman. Halderman puts the figure at “six or seven,” a friend tells the New York Daily News. “He would fly them...

Halderman 'Enraged' Over 'Passionate Embrace'
 Halderman 'Enraged' 
 Over 'Passionate Embrace' 

Halderman 'Enraged' Over 'Passionate Embrace'

Alleged extortionist spotted Letterman and Birkitt as recently as August

(Newser) - David Letterman’s accused extortionist, Robert “Joe” Halderman, is “a great human being “ but “he's positioned as a bad guy,” says friend and former co-worker Dr. Bob Arnot. “No one’s standing up for Joe,” he continues—so, certainly, Halderman must be glad...

Grandma: Birkitt Never Had Sex With Letterman

Stephanie Birkitt's grandmother is no fan of Halderman, but seems to like Dave

(Newser) - Stephanie Birkitt, David Letterman’s galpal, may not be commenting on the extortion scandal—but her 90-year-old grandma is. Birkitt and Letterman “joked and kidded around,” but “they were just good friends,” she tells the New York Post. “She worked for Dave for 11 years....

Just Wait: 'Trashy' Letterman Letters Are Coming
 Just Wait: 'Trashy' 
 Letterman Letters 
 Are Coming 

Just Wait: 'Trashy' Letterman Letters Are Coming

Birkitt penned series of 'Dear Dave' letters, plus more on extortion

(Newser) - It’s only a matter of time before Stephanie Birkitt’s “trashy” love letters to David Letterman become public. Sadly, “we’re not talking crazy sexual escapades,” a source tells the New York Daily News. “It’s her musings about them. It’s trash.” More...

C'mon, Dave Letterman Is No Bill Clinton

 C'mon, Dave 
 Letterman Is 
 No Bill Clinton 

Maureen Dowd

C'mon, Dave Letterman Is No Bill Clinton

And he's no Clarence Thomas, either. He didn't harass—or lie.

(Newser) - These days you can't drink and smoke in the office like the ad execs on Mad Men, but when it comes to affairs with young women, working men are still living in the 1960s, writes Maureen Dowd. David Letterman is only the latest boss to fall for the interns and...

Galpal Cheated on Halderman With Dave

Stephanie Birkitt was still seeing Letterman until last fall, sources say

(Newser) - The story of David Letterman’s twisted love triangle with alleged extortionist Robert Halderman continues to unfold. Former Late Show staffer Stephanie Birkitt was still sleeping with Letterman even after moving in with Halderman—and as late as last fall Birkitt and Letterman went hiking together, sources tell the New ...

Letterman Apologizes to Wife on Air

 to Wife on Air 
late night hot seat

Letterman Apologizes to Wife on Air

Late Night pauses for another round of confession

(Newser) - David Letterman will use his opening monologue tonight to publicly apologize to his wife and his current and former colleagues, according to numerous audience members. "Wow, that weekend went fast," he joked before turning serious during this afternoon's taping, his first public appearance at the Ed Sullivan Theater...

CBS Tries to Bury Letterman Vid
 CBS Tries to Bury Letterman Vid 

CBS Tries to Bury Letterman Vid

As network works to erase confessional, more info on extortion, galpal comes out

(Newser) - For reasons unknown to Rachel Sklar, CBS spent the weekend removing “unauthorized copies” of David Letterman’s confession from YouTube—and still hasn't posted the clip on its own site. “Check your Fair Use rules,” Sklar writes on Mediaite. “Videos of Letterman’s mea culpa don’...

Letterman Paid for Assistant's Degree: Rumor

Host said to keep three to five young women on staff at all times

(Newser) - David Letterman can be a great boss for certain special employees. In the case of Stephanie Birkitt, who once dated alleged blackmailer Robert Halderman, Letterman paid her way through college, Gawker reports, citing “the scuttlebutt on the set.” Birkitt was Letterman’s top assistant—the host employed at...

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