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Are Energy Drinks the New Road to Cocaine?

Researchers find 'significant' link, call for further study

(Newser) - Energy drinks have been blamed for heart attacks and banned from college campuses , but they're now being studied for their potential to increase one's chances of getting hooked on drugs. And the news is not good: Writing in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence , a University of Maryland... More »

Coffee Can Make You Hallucinate, Study Says

Too much caffeine increases odds of seeing, hearing things

(Newser) - Caffeine junkies shouldn’t always trust their ears, according to a new study. Subjects who drank the equivalent of seven cups of coffee proved three times more likely to hear voices, and slightly more likely to experience other hallucinations, than those consuming less than a cup’s worth. Researchers theorize... More »

Narcotic Khat Raises Cultural Rift in US

Police worry about growing use of common African drug

(Newser) - In Africa, it’s the perfectly legal pick-me-up and social lubricant of choice, but in America, khat is an illegal narcotic—and its popularity is growing, the Los Angeles Times reports. Cities like Washington and San Diego are stepping up enforcement measures against the green leaf as growing African immigrant... More »

Coffee's Smell Alone Can Perk You Up

Beverage's mere aroma increases wakefulness, study shows

(Newser) - The aroma of coffee is enough to wake you up, a new study shows. Smelling coffee stimulated the expression of genes known to reverse the damaging effect of stress and sleep deprivation in test animals’ brains, international researchers tell LiveScience. Coffee’s stimulating effects have been known for ages, but... More »

Students Brew Coffee Addiction

Docs abuzz over teens’ growing use and abuse of stimulants

(Newser) - Overworked kids are hopping up more and more on lattes and macchiatos, as well as even dodgier stimulants, according to U.S. News. Coffee consumption among 18- to 24-year-olds  has nearly doubled in three years, while increasingly popular energy drinks like Red Bull and the shockingly christened Cocaine pack multiple... More »

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