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New Campaign Tells Girls to Strip for Putin

Facebook campaign offers naughty Russians chance to win iPad 2

(Newser) - Ladies, does Vladimir Putin make you want to take your clothes off? Because if so ( and who could blame you? ), you should join “Putin’s Army,” an online campaign urging Russian women to strip to show their support of their once-and-possible-future president. The campaign launched with... More »

Strip Club Holds Palin Lookalike Contest

And it wants her to judge

(Newser) - A Chicago strip club is hosting what might be the least conservative tea party fundraiser ever: a Sarah Palin lookalike contest that promises to be, um, somewhat low on family values. The club is promoting the show by noting that the last time there was such a contest—at a... More »

German Tabloid Rips Apple Strip Censorship

Bild execs rally publishers to battle 'free speech' assault

(Newser) - A German tabloid is screaming censorship over Apple's new application decency standards, which are inhibiting a newspaper promotion that allows readers to "strip" a photo of a daily model by shaking their iPhones. Bild managers have already bowed to Apple restrictions by leaving the models in bikinis after the... More »

Army Wives Get Their Own Training: Burlesque

'Operation Bombshell' good for lonely women and returning men

(Newser) - Operation Bombshell is not taking place in some far-off locale, but right here at home, and it’s our troops who are on the receiving end of some pretty heavy firepower: their wives’ burlesque talents. As a friendly neighborhood service, a dancer-turned-Army-wife is schooling her compatriots in some tricks intended... More »

4 Stories