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She Made Her Hijab Into a Flag. Then She Vanished

Iranian woman reportedly arrested after making flag out of headscarf to protest morality code

(Newser) - She tore off her white headscarf, made a flag out of it, and waved it for more than an hour in the center of Tehran late last month, an act of resistance against a strict dress code for women. But now, per the Los Angeles Times , the mystery protester, whose... More »

Signs in Brooklyn Ask You to Please Cover Up

Hasidic Jewish residents of Crown Heights ask passers-by to 'dress modestly'

(Newser) - Want to retain the right to dress how you see fit? Then consider steering clear of parts of the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, where new signs are popping up asking residents, guests, and visitors to "please dress modestly, this is a Jewish neighborhood." Crown Heights has a... More »

AG Covers Breast on Va. State Seal

Cuccinelli makes Virtue 'more virtuous'

(Newser) - A squeamishly conservative attorney general has slapped chest armor over the goddess of Virtue's breasts on the 234-year-old Virgina state seal . Ken Cuccinelli inserted his own peculiar brand of modesty to cover Virtue's exposed boob when he had pins of the state seal made up for his staff. The modification... More »

Your Butt Crack Needs Some Bling: Entrepreneur

Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield covers the gap low-rise pants leave

(Newser) - Low-rise pants fans, rejoice: The Backtacular Gluteal Cleft Shield is here to preserve what's left of your modesty. Kimberlily, which makes the bedazzled denim decals, is looking for a publicist, and the company's pitch made its way to the Fashionista blog. The source, clearly uninterested in adding a client, writes,... More »

TSA Body Scan Quick, Modest, Easy

Writer would take scan over pat-down, rubber gloves any day

(Newser) - Going through security at Chicago’s O’Hare airport, passengers have the choice of a pat-down or a walk through a full body scanner, and Jon Hilkevitch is going “with the touch-less scan every time.” He took a spin through a checkpoint equipped with the newly installed machines,... More »

Finally, a Hospital Gown That Covers Your ...

Fashion designer makes modest and 'fabulous' garment for England

(Newser) - A fashion designer has completed a noble project for England’s National Health Service by building a better—and less revealing—hospital gown. The “aspirational” garment will debut in 2011 and features modest “entrance points” instead of an open back. Ben de Lisi clearly understood the problem. “... More »

6 Stories