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Potent 'Skunk' Pot Ups Psychosis Risk

Milder hashish poses no increased risk, researchers say

(Newser) - Despite efforts to reclassify marijuana down to a Schedule II (read: less dangerous) drug, there are some people who still insist on its dangers—and new research may back those theories up. Scientists at King's College London have discovered that smoking potent, or "skunklike," cannabis was tied... More »

How Teen Facing Life Over Pot Brownies Got Caught

Jacob Lavoro's neighbor smelled smoke and called police

(Newser) - The Texas teenager who is looking at a possible life sentence for whipping up a batch of pot- and hash-laced brownies got busted because his pregnant neighbor smelled smoke, reports KHOU-TV . The woman explains that she is five months' along, and she called police because the smell from the neighboring... More »

Spain Seizes 12 Tons of Hashish

It was smuggled in fuel tanks of trucks from Morocco

(Newser) - Spanish police seized 12 tons of hashish smuggled from Morocco on trucks with fuel tanks rigged to hide the drugs, authorities said today. Police arrested 35 people in what was described as the breakup of a major smuggling ring feeding the European market. Authorities said hashish traveled in trucks that... More »

Sheriff's Rep to Fiona Apple: 'Shut Up and Sing'

Suggests that hash arrest made singer more famous

(Newser) - Fiona Apple's hash arrest just got dramatic: At a concert two days after she was busted, Apple called out four people involved in the arrest, Rolling Stone reports; TMZ speculates she was talking about police officers who allegedly mistreated her. Now a spokesperson for the Sheriff's Department... More »

Fiona Apple Jailed on Hashish Charges

Singer spends the night behind bars in Texas

(Newser) - Fiona Apple didn't learn Willie Nelson's lesson. The singer-songwriter had to spend the night in jail in Sierra Blanca, Texas, because an inspection of her tour bus yesterday turned up what police say was a "tiny amount of pot and hash," reports AP . The problem is... More »

Steve Jobs Told Pentagon About LSD, Pot Use

Acid, pot nurtured his creativity, says Apple founder

(Newser) - Steve Jobs discovered one definite way to " think different ." The mega-mind behind Apple took LSD some 15 times, and it was a "life-changing experience," Jobs revealed on a 1988 security clearance application he filled out for the Department of Defense. "It was a positive life... More »

World's Top Pot Source: Afghanistan

Country slides into first place with 'astonishing' crop yields

(Newser) - The country that supplies the lion's share of the world's opium has become the top cannabis producer as well, according to report from the UN's drug agency. Other countries have more land devoted to marijuana, UNDOC chief Antonio Maria Costa says, but Afghan farmers achieve "astonishingly high" yields, producing... More »

Stoner Goes to Cops After Girlfriend Morphs Into Dolphin

Swedish smoker lodges complaint over psychedelic hash

(Newser) - When a Swedish dope smoker's TV started talking to him and his girlfriend appeared to turn into a dolphin, he decided it was time to lodge a complaint. The befuddled 26-year-old went to his local police station to complain about the low quality of the hash he had been sold.... More »

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