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Got Lazy Friends? Take a Look in the Mirror

Personality traits thought to be fixed may actually be 'contagious'

(Newser) - Some geneticists suggest that who we are is not a question of nature versus nurture, but that genes and our environment work together to influence the people we become. New research out of France furthers this notion in its finding that even the personality traits we consider to be our... More »

Addicted to Your Phone? Blame Your Personality

You might be impulsive and impatient: study

(Newser) - There's no denying that humans are mad for their cellphones, but some are clearly more attached than others—and scientists now have a clearer understanding of why. Generally speaking, people who constantly check their phones have a problem controlling impulses, period, and they're not so great at delayed... More »

'Fast' in Fast Food Takes Over Your Life

Short attention spans even affect leisure activities: researchers

(Newser) - Americans’ exposure to the “instant gratification” of fast food makes them more impatient for fulfillment in other aspects of life, even the low-key pleasure of an afternoon stroll. Research subjects exposed to fast food logos complete tasks more quickly than a control group, even if there is no time... More »

3 Stories