Guadalupe Victoria, Mexico

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5 Killed in Mexican Concert Stampede

Gunshots trigger deadly rush for cover

(Newser) - A concert in the Mexican city of Guadalupe turned deadly after gunshots triggered a stampede that crushed 5 people, the BBC reports. At east 12 people were injured as the panicked crowd of 500 people rushed for cover after shots rang out. No one was shot, but police found spent... More »

2 Killed as Earthquake Rattles Baja, SoCal

Quake centered near Mexicali, Baja

(Newser) - Two people were killed and at least 100 injured when a 7.2 earthquake struck Mexico and rocked southern California. The quake occurred before dawn and toppled buildings in the border town of Mexicali, in Baja some, 220 miles southeast of Los Angeles. It was the largest temblor on the... More »

2 Stories