American Falls Reservoir

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'Rare' Mammoth Found in Idaho Now Underwater

Excavation team temporarily thwarted by rising water levels

(Newser) - A portion of a Columbian mammoth skull and tusks have been uncovered in southeastern Idaho, and experts say a rare entire skeleton might be buried there. Experts estimate the mammoth was about 16 years old and lived about 70,000 to 120,000 years ago in what was a savanna-like... More »

4 Men Feared Drowned— Leaving 5 Kids in Boat

It all started with one boater pushed overboard as a joke

(Newser) - Another strange, sad drowning , though this time the victims were a bunch of men who apparently drowned when one—who couldn't swim—was pushed into the water yesterday as a joke, and three others tried to save him. All four disappeared, including one wearing a life preserver, leaving five children... More »

2 Stories