world's smallest apartment

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How One New Yorker Lives in 90 Square Feet

Felice Cohen makes every inch count in her tiny Manhattan apartment

(Newser) - Felice Cohen's Manhattan studio is all of 90 square feet, and she seems to have plenty of room for all the necessities. “I think a lot of people have a lot of space that they’re not using," she explains in a video from faircompanies . It also helps... More »

Buy the 'World's Smallest Apartment' for $68K

Rome 'wigwam' can barely hold a bed

(Newser) - For all of you who have joked about living in a closet ... well, you ain't seen nothing yet. A Rome "compact bedsit" that's being described as the world's smallest apartment has hit the market. Asking price for the 55-square-feet of heaven: $68,000. One report called the former porter's... More »

2 Stories