Emma Watson drops out

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Emma Watson: I Wasn't Bullied at Brown

Actress posts note to fans: 'Don't try and speculate'

(Newser) - Contrary to what some have suggested , no one yelled “10 points for Gryffindor” when Emma Watson answered questions at Brown. Indeed, her decision to leave for the semester had “nothing to do with bullying,” she writes on her website in a note picked up by the Leaky... More »

Was Emma Watson Teased Out of Brown?

No more Harry Potter jokes, please!

(Newser) - Holy witchcraft! Did Emma Watson ditch Brown because she was sick of teasing by Ivy Leaguers smitten with their own relentlessly sophomoric Harry Potter humor? Chums say Watson left because she couldn't take one more "3 Points for Gryffindor" joke every time she answered a question correctly in... More »

Emma Watson Drops Out of Brown

She's quitting, for now, to focus on film

(Newser) - Every so often, a child star decides to take a break from acting and head to college—then reality sets in, and Emma Watson is the latest casualty. Though she loves Brown and also loves “studying pretty much more than anything,” she’s “decided to take a... More »

3 Stories