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Go the F--k to Sleep Guy: You're Terrible at Parenting

But then, so is everyone else: Adam Mansbach

(Newser) - It's appalling the way some parents are raising their kids. Just look around: There's that couple letting their children rot their brains with iPhones throughout an entire restaurant meal. Or that dad ripping a tutu off his son for fear it'll turn him gay. Or the mom... More »

Jackson's New Obama Video: 'Wake the F*** Up'

Samuel L. has a strong message for voters

(Newser) - Samuel L. Jackson wants you to vote for President Obama—and in a new ad, he gets that message across as only he can. "Wake the F*** Up" is a Dr. Seuss-style rhyme, written by Adam Mansbach, who also authored "Go the F*** to Sleep" ( which Jackson... More »

Screw 'Fascist' iPods, Get Vinyl

Author of 'Go the [bleep] to Sleep' says analog is still king

(Newser) - Some things have never been improved upon, and if you ask Adam Mansbach (author of the hit book Go the Fuck to Sleep) one of them is the vinyl record. "Vinyl is democratic, as surely as the iPod is fascist," Mansbach declares in Salon . "Vinyl spins like... More »

Samuel L. Jackson Records Go the F*** to Sleep

Audiobook available for free

(Newser) - Samuel L. Jackson—he of the “motherf--ing snakes on this motherf---ing plane”—has lent his talents to another modern classic: the wildly popular “kids’” book Go the F*** to Sleep , by Adam Mansbach. He narrates the audiobook version of the story, which has also been optioned... More »

Why Parents' Fave New Book Is Go the F*** to Sleep

...even though it won't be published until June 14

(Newser) - Go the F*** to Sleep snagged the No. 1 spot on Amazon's best-seller list this week—almost a month before it hits bookshelves—and Rebekah Denn thinks she knows why. The 32-page book blends soothing rhymes with sleep-deprivation-induced obscenity, and the Internet-savvy attribute its early success to a viral... More »

5 Stories