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Casey Anthony Surfaces in Video Diary

But is it really her?

(Newser) - After hiding out in Ohio and disguising herself in a video deposition, Casey Anthony has apparently decided to scrap all the secrecy and release a video diary. A video featuring a blonde-bobbed, glasses-wearing Anthony—or, at least, an Anthony look-alike—surfaced today (it was apparently recorded it in October). She...

Florida Releases Names of Casey Anthony Jurors

Judge waited three months for tempers to settle

(Newser) - The jurors who cleared Casey Anthony of murder now might have to explain the verdict to their neighbors. Florida today released the jurors' identities, reports the Orlando Sentinel . Normally, the names are made public immediately after a trial, but the judge ordered a three-month delay given the public outrage over...

Caylee Anthony's Grandparents Mark 6th Birthday

100 gather where Caylee's remains were found

(Newser) - Caylee Anthony's grandparents gathered with more than 100 members of the public yesterday to commemorate what would have been the child's sixth birthday. The crowd met in George and Cindy Anthony's Orlando-area neighborhood, near a wooded area where the little girl's remains were found in December...

Casey Anthony, Probation Order is Dangerous: Jose Baez, Defense Attorney
Casey Anthony's Life Would Be in Danger in Florida
says lawyer

Casey Anthony's Life Would Be in Danger in Florida

Baez: Anthony needs county-appointed security to return to Florida

(Newser) - Casey Anthony would be in danger and require county-funded security if she has to come back to Florida from an undisclosed location to serve probation, as ordered by a judge in a check fraud case, Anthony's lawyer said today. Jose Baez told NBC's Today he hopes that Anthony...

Casey Anthony Ordered Back to Orlando

She faces one year of probation on check fraud charges

(Newser) - The worldwide media manhunt for Casey Anthony will soon be over—she'll be right back in Orlando within the next three days. The judge who sentenced Anthony on check fraud charges last year has amended documents so that she'll have to serve one year of supervised probation, reports...

Anthony Lawyers Bill Florida $147K, for Now

That's just to cover expert witnesses, investigators

(Newser) - Florida residents still seething over the Casey Anthony verdict may want to avert their eyes: They're still paying the tab for her defense. Anthony's legal team has billed the state $147,018 in expenses so far, reports the Orlando Sentinel . This particular sum doesn't include lawyer salaries,...

Casey Anthony Files Appeal
 Casey Anthony Files Appeal 

Casey Anthony Files Appeal

She will fight convictions of lying to law enforcement officers

(Newser) - Well, this probably won't win her any new fans: Casey Anthony, who is due to be released Sunday, filed an appeal today on her four convictions of lying to police officers. Anthony was found guilty of lying about topics including her job, her daughter Caylee's babysitter, and a...

Woman Mistaken for Casey Anthony, Attacked

Sammay Blackwell thinks she was targeted because they look alike

(Newser) - Looks like it may indeed be a good idea for Casey Anthony to disguise herself : In Chouteau, Oklahoma, a woman allegedly tried to kill an Anthony look-alike. Sammay Blackwell was working at her convenience store job last week when a suspicious-looking woman visited the store after 10pm. But after Blackwell...

Anthony Juror on Verdict: We Doubted Casey's Dad

Jury was suspicious of George Anthony, foreman says

(Newser) - The Casey Anthony jury foreman sheds more light on why she was found not guilty of killing her toddler daughter: The jury was suspicious of Anthony's father, George. The anonymous foreman, who says he's been trained to read people for his job, says he didn't believe defense...

Man Hits Woman in Fight Over Casey Anthony Verdict

Robert Hakimoglu then reportedly jumped in lagoon to flee police

(Newser) - Everyone seems to have their own opinion on last week's not-guilty verdict in the Casey Anthony trial, but in one case it actually came to blows. An argument broke out on Saturday between Robert Hakimoglu and a group of Florida fisherman—and allegedly ended with Hakimoglu striking a woman...

'Caylee’s Law' Sounds Like a Good Idea—but It Isn't

Proposed bill could increase pressure on grieving parents

(Newser) - About half a million people have signed an online petition clamoring for "Caylee’s Law," and legislators in at least five states are working on similarly themed bills. But like much of the legislation that arises after horrible crimes, Caylee's Law isn't as good an idea...

Anthony Lawyer: Casey 'Did Not Kill Her Child'

Relationship with her parents is 'burned'

(Newser) - Casey Anthony’s lawyer is sure she’s telling the truth about Caylee. He believed her story “from the first time I met her,” he told the Today show. “She did not kill her child. Period.’’ Still, Cheney Mason sees a rocky road ahead for...

Casey Anthony Turns Mom Away; Jerry Springer Offers $1M for Show Appearance
Jerry Springer: We Didn't  
Offer Anthony $1M

Jerry Springer: We Didn't Offer Anthony $1M

Also: Casey rejects jailhouse visit from her mom

(Newser) - Apparently Casey Anthony isn't quite ready to make up with her mom. Anthony's mother, Cindy, tried to visit her at the Orange County jail today, but was turned away when Casey refused to see her, reports ABC News . The news comes amid a widely circulated report (Newser picked...

O'Reilly on Anthony Verdict: So Did a Martian Kill Caylee?

He flips over the outcome of the trial

(Newser) - Bill O’Reilly is shocked at the Casey Anthony verdict—and he wants everyone to know it. The anchor blasted a juror’s assertion that Caylee’s death could have been accidental. “There’s no evidence—none—that Caylee Anthony died from an accident,” unless, of course, “...

Sorry, But Casey Anthony Verdict Was Totally Right: Alan M. Dershowitz
Sorry, but Casey Anthony Verdict Was Totally Right
Alan M. Dershowitz

Sorry, but Casey Anthony Verdict Was Totally Right

Dershowitz: Criminal trials are not about 'justice for the victim'

(Newser) - Alan M. Dershowitz and Marcia Clark were on opposite sides of the OJ Simpson trial, and they're on opposite sides now : In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Dershowitz firmly states that "the system worked" when Casey Anthony was found not guilty. That's because, much as we all...

Finger-Flipping Anthony Lawyer Faces Bar Complaint

He did not maintain 'the integrity of the profession,' says fellow attorney

(Newser) - Cheney Mason's "eff you" to the media probably felt pretty good at the time, but now the Casey Anthony attorney is facing a Florida Bar complaint for making the obscene gesture. A fellow attorney filed the complaint after pictures emerged of Mason flipping the bird while celebrating...

Thousands Sign Petition for 'Caylee's Law'

More than 250K have signed so far

(Newser) - Casey Anthony's not guilty verdict sparked Facebook outrage , a couple of Nancy Grace rants , and now a fast-growing petition for a new law. "Caylee's Law," thought up by Oklahoma mom of two Michelle Crowder, would require parents and guardians to report a child's disappearance to...

Casey Anthony Sentenced to 4 Years, But...

...she'll be given credit for time served

(Newser) - Casey Anthony was sentenced to four years in prison today for lying to police—but she will be given credit for time served. She has already spent 997 days in jail, and CNN estimates that she could be out by the end of summer due to that and good behavior...

Casey Anthony Free to Sign Movie, Book Deals

She could walk tomorrow, and make millions on her story

(Newser) - Maybe we'll find out what happened when the movie comes out. When Casey Anthony walks out of jail— as soon as tomorrow if Judge Belvin Perry releases her based on time served—she's free to take her story to the bank with interviews, book deals, and film offers,...

Nancy Grace Defends Calling Casey Anthony Jury 'Kooky'

HLN host says she doesn't regret judging Anthony

(Newser) - Nancy Grace is taking some heat for her coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, especially her over-the-top “ the devil is dancing ” line yesterday. After the verdict, defense attorney Cheney Mason lashed out at those who had “indulged in media assassination”—a line widely believed to be...

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