Vosges mountains

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French Fight Erupts Over Marauding Wolves

Shepherds want to hunt sheep killers at will

(Newser) - Call it Yellowstone sur Seine. French shepherds are demanding the surging wolf population be culled following increasing sheep deaths by the growing packs of protected canines. Wolves are now roaming the Vosges Mountains on the Alsace-Lorraine border for the first time in 80 years. Some experts predict the wolves could... More »

France Shuts Islamic Camp for Kids

Religious regimen was 'excessively rigorous,' officials say

(Newser) - French officials have sent home 96 children after determining that they were subjected to an "excessively rigorous" religious regimen at summer camp in the Vosges mountains, reports AFP. "We had information that children were being physically threatened," said one official. One child called police to say he... More »

2 Stories