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Obama's Worst Fault: His 'Zero-Sum' Mentality

PJ O'Rourke: There is not a 'fixed amount of good things'

(Newser) - PJ O'Rourke thinks President Obama is spreading a misguided message to the nation and the world—"that we live in a zero-sum universe." On a national level, it can be seen in his push to make well-off Americans give up more of their money so it can... More »

Ryan Zinged on Foreign Policy Inexperience

Ryan defenders say he is same as Obama in 2008

(Newser) - Paul Ryan may be a budget expert and domestic policy wonk, but a huge responsibility of the executive branch is foreign policy, and critics are already landing punches on Ryan's meager resume on international issues, reports Reuters . "I think his (Ryan's) experience as a vice presidential candidate... More »

Obama's Golf Game Goes Coed

Presidential foursome includes a woman for the first time

(Newser) - Within hours of a New York Times story spotlighting the West Wing's alleged "boys' club" atmosphere, President Obama played golf with a woman today for the first time since being sworn in. Melody Barnes, the White House chief domestic policy adviser, hit the links as part of Obama's foursome... More »

Bank Reform Shatters Usual Party Lines

Next big domestic issue will be 'fascinating' to watch

(Newser) - Once health care reform is “settled,” Nate Silver writes, the White House will be searching for a new domestic issue. Card check is too hard, immigration will have to wait for 2012’s “younger, more diverse electorate,” and gay rights is a slog. The winner, in... More »

Obama Rarely Mentions War, Terrorism

Words 'health' and 'economy' dominate president's vocabulary

(Newser) - To listen to Barack Obama speak, you might think he was a peacetime president, rather than one with more than 100,000 troops in the field, write Zachary Abrahamson and Eamon Javers for Politico. They pored over nearly every one of the half-million-plus words Obama has said publicly as president,... More »

On Economy, Obama's Micromanager-in-Chief

(Newser) - Past presidents have taken a big-picture approach to domestic policy, but Barack Obama is different—every day, he wrestles with the smallest details of health care, employment, and financial regulation. At the White House daily economic briefing, a new ritual modeled on intelligence seminars, the president peppers advisers with questions... More »

Michelle Gets Wonky on Health Care

First lady moves from figurehead to policy advocate

(Newser) - There's been much ado about Michelle Obama’s biceps, garden, and taste in clothing in her first 6 months in the White House, but the first lady has shifted from domestic and inspirational to a more direct approach to policy, the New York Times reports. In recent months, she has... More »

Obama Needs Shorter To-Do List: Noonan

Prez must fix the economy and keep us safe—and that's it

(Newser) - Confidence in Barack Obama is fading fast for many reasons, but above all it’s because he's not tending to "The Sentence,” writes Peggy Noonan in the Wall Street Journal. Clare Boothe Luce once said that all great leaders are summed up by a sentence. “He preserved... More »

Obama Comes Into Focus: Noonan

At home, Obama's plans are grandiose, Noonan says

(Newser) - Part of President Obama’s power has always been his cool mystique, writes Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal. Difficult to classify, “he seemed something refreshing: a mystery.” But nothing clarifies like actions and decisions, “and he’s been quite the decider.” Though the consummate... More »

Obama Must Forget Agenda, Fix Economy

Now isn't the time for divisive legislative battles: Samuelson

(Newser) - When Barack Obama takes office, he’ll have to decide whether he wants to revive the economy, or pursue his policy agenda. “The two approaches are at odds,” writes Robert Samuelson in the Washington Post. Yes, Obama could say energy and health reform will improve the economy, but... More »

Policy Veterans Provide Steadying Hand for Obama

Supplementing outsiders with seasoned policy players good move so far

(Newser) - Supplementing a team of outsiders with some key veterans on domestic policy appears to have been a shrewd move by Barack Obama’s campaign, Jonathan Cohn writes in the New Republic. A case in point is Jason Furman, a star of the later (righter) stages of the Clinton administration who... More »

Pelosi, Dems Hijack Colombia Free-Trade Deal

They change House rules to avoid a vote, angering Bush

(Newser) - Congressional Democrats thumbed their noses today at Bush's renewed efforts to pass a free-trade pact with Colombia. Bush sent the bill over Monday, mandating Congress to vote yea or nay within 90 days. Or so he thought. Nancy Pelosi is changing the House rules and won't allow a vote until... More »

McCain Outlines More Specific Fiscal Stance

Candidate looks to cut taxes, project fiscal responsibility

(Newser) - How would John McCain run the economy, really? In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the candidate tried to answer that question, positioning himself as a fiscally responsible defender of the Bush tax cuts. But the candidate’s tax proposals don’t quite add up, the Journal notes, and... More »

Bush 0 for 4 on 2nd-Term Goals

With the death of the latest immigration bill, the president may have lost his last chance at a domestic legacy

(Newser) - The immigration bill that died in the Senate yesterday was President Bush's last hope to salvage any one of his four domestic policy goals for the second term, the Washington Post reports. The goals laid out after 2004 reelection included Social Security and tax overhauls,  a curb upon "... More »

14 Stories
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