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Rare Surrender Papers of Last Nazi Leader to Be Sold

Adm. Karl Doenitz's 'we give up' message could fetch up to $30K

(Newser) - Tomorrow at Bonhams auction house in New York, more than 300 lots of WWII memorabilia—uniforms, flags, cigarette cases—from nearly 10 countries will go on the selling block. But one piece of memorabilia is especially rare, somehow making it out of war-torn Germany before it could be thrown into... More »

Hitler's Villainous SS Chief Revealed in Nazi Trove

Heinrich Himmler's personal papers give unprecedented glimpse of Nazi leadership

(Newser) - In history books, he was the chief architect of the systematic genocide of 6 million Jews. But in the pages of Germany's Welt am Sonntag newspaper, SS chief Heinrich Himmler is intimately depicted feeding a fawn or strolling with a daughter, and as the author of love letters to... More »

Kim Jong Un Gives Mein Kampf as Birthday Present

Orders senior officials to study Third Reich

(Newser) - On his birthday this year, Kim Jong Un reportedly gave every child in North Korea candy, according to CNBC . So what did he get his top officials? Copies of Hitler's Mein Kampf, the Washington Post reports. The gift was part of a larger effort by Kim to encourage military... More »

Town Hall Nazi-Talk Trivializes Holocaust

(Newser) - Comparing your nemesis to a Nazi has been a "staple of American T-shirt and bumper-sticker political culture," writes Michael Gerson in the Washington Post, and such Nazi-talk has becoming a recurring element of the health care protests. "Anyone with a black felt pen and the ability to... More »

Website Proves Obama = Hitler

(Newser) - Those convinced that health care reform is just a step away from invading Poland may enjoy a new website devoted to certain undeniable comparisons between Adolf Hitler and one Barack Obama, reports Gawker. Obama Is Literally Hitler shows how encouraging greener cars, holding giant political rallies, and holding beer summits... More »

Reprint Mein Kampf, Urge German Jews

(Newser) - Hitler's autobiography-manifesto Mein Kampf has been strictly banned in Germany since the end of World War II, but a proposal to reprint it has the endorsement of the country's leading Jewish organization, among other groups, reports the Independent. "A historically critical edition needs to be prepared today to prevent... More »

Travelers Flock to Nazi Tours

For many tourists, Germany means beer and Hitler

(Newser) - The world has moved on in many ways, but for many tourists, a visit to Germany often boils down to two things: beer and Hitler. "I'm no Nazi," said an American who's spending most of his four-day visit on Hitler's trail. "I'm just interested in Germany.... More »

Berlin Statue to Honor Would-Be Hitler Assassin

Bomb-planting carpenter finally wins national recognition

(Newser) - Berlin is planning a memorial to honor one of the unsung heroes of the Nazi era—a humble carpenter who came within minutes of assassinating Hitler. Georg Elser planted a bomb in a Munich beer hall in 1939 that nearly killed Hitler just nine weeks into World War II—but... More »

Berlin Opens Hitler's 'Future City' Tunnels

Network provides glimpse of megalomaniac's plans for world capital

(Newser) - Berlin has opened three vast tunnels under the city built as part of Adolf Hitler's vision of a grandiose Nazi capital, Reuters reports. The tunnels were to house a transit system beneath planned boulevards, squares, and huge buildings, including a Great Hall with room for 180,000 people. The Albert... More »

Merkel Holds Cabinet Meeting in Jerusalem

German celebrates Israeli statehood with 3-day trip

(Newser) - When Angela Merkel holds her weekly cabinet meeting today, it will meet not in Berlin but in Jerusalem—a special gesture to mark the 60th anniversary of Israeli statehood. Only a few decades ago Israelis marched in protest when the country welcomed its first German ambassador, but now the chancellor... More »

Germany's FBI Faces Up to Nazi Roots

Security service's founders were behind thousands of deaths

(Newser) - The German equivalent of the FBI has acknowledged what everyone already knew: It was founded by Nazis. The agency is inviting historians to explore those dark roots, making it the first German security organization to do so, Der Spiegel reports. Owning up to the past is the only way to... More »

Russian Kids Spend Summer Goose-stepping

Youth movement an avatar of Putin propaganda

(Newser) - In a Soviet Era throwback, a new Russian youth group is said to be providing more than fun and games in its summer camp, the Weekly Standard reports. Nashi, Russian for “Ours,” is said to be an elite indoctrination program; while Russian officials liken it to the Boy... More »

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