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Newser offers high-impact ad packages and custom opportunities that connect advertisers with a desirable audience of news consumers. Find out what we can do for you by contacting us using the form below. Among our solutions:

Section Takeover, Skinning & Sponsorship

Newser will customize our homepage or content channel to match your brand needs. To make working with us easier, we can even create the skin for you.

Video Integration

Newser’s video integration option is designed as a very unique high-impact ad unit. Want to stream your latest movie release or commercial? We’ve created a platform that allows you to do just that at the top of our homepage or sections. Your video content will be integrated into Newser’s content.

OPA Pushdown Units

Another high-impact placement that looks great alongside Newser’s highly visual and engaging content.

Section Sponsorship

Effectively integrate your brand with Newser’s content by sponsoring a relevant section—among them Money, Green, and Entertainment—or the entire site.

Sponsored Grid

Want a turnkey solution that integrates your brand with customized content? Newser will maintain a lively and engaging grid of stories based on the topic of your choice, crediting the advertiser as sponsor. This grid can even be highlighted in the main navigation.


Sponsor one or more of the nine opt-in emails we send daily to our registered users. Our readers wake up to the nine most important stories of the morning with our 9@9 newsletter, and cap off the workday with Happy Hour Six-Pack, which features the day’s biggest hits—with many more in between.

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