Did Rupert Bed Jackie?

Jul 7, 09 | 9:27 AM   byMichael Wolff
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Is it really possible to have had as much sex as the Kennedys had?

Well, anyway, thank God for it. The Kennedy sex saga is really the story that keeps on giving.

Every politician who has had sex in office since the Kennedys were having sex in office is a pathetic also-ran. All of them fooled around in a sniveling, shame-faced, emasculated fashion compared to the Kennedys’ gusto, brazenness, and absolute disregard for conventions of all sizes and stripes—including, as the New York Post has revealed once again, Bobby Kennedy’s affair with his brother’s widow.

According to the Post, which got hold of a copy of a new book by C. David Heyman with all the delicto details, Bobby and Jackie were like two high school kids who, in front of the entire Camelot court, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other.

Of course, the New York Post believes that almost everybody who is anybody is wildly sexy. If you write a book—the Post itself isn’t really allowed to make up this stuff, but they can reprint it if someone else makes it up—claiming sex took place outside of marriage with at least one famous person, that’s a major Post exclusive. (Although, strangely, the Post was silent on the subject of my book, which had quite a bit of information on the extramarital sex life of its proprietor, Rupert Murdoch).

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As for C. David Heyman, who he?

He is the author of Poor Little Rich Girl: The Life and Legend of Barbara Hutton; Liz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor; A Woman Named Jackie: An Intimate Biography of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis; and RFK: A Candid Biography of Robert F. Kennedy (how candid can a biography be when your subject expired many decades before it was written?), in which he first suggested the Bobby-Jackie affair, which nobody took very seriously, and which he is now suggesting, with the Post’s help, is a fabulous new scoop. The Post is always happy to revive a sex story.

C. David Heyman acquired his expertise regarding the Kennedys when he told Cindy Adams, a columnist for the Post, that he had been drinking with JFK Jr. shortly before he died and that JFK Jr. had told him he didn’t want to make the trip to Martha’s Vineyard that subsequently killed him, and was only doing it to drop his wife’s sister off. Many appearances on cable television followed after the Post headlined this revelation from JFK Jr.’s “pal.”

Now, is it possible that you could just make up the fact that Bobby Kennedy had incredible sex with his sister-in-law? That you could quote Franklin Roosevelt Jr., saying, "Everybody knew about the affair. The two of them carried on like a pair of lovesick teenagers," even though he was not a famous Kennedy intimate, and even though he is…well, dead. Actually, all of the not-so-intimates the Post lists as sources for the book—Pierre Salinger, Arthur Schlesinger, Jack Newfield, Gore Vidal, Truman Capote, and Morton Downey Jr.—are, well, dead. Forgive me, Gore Vidal—who for almost 50 years has been famously spinning fantastic and baroque stories about Jackie, to whom, by the marriage of one of his relatives, he is distantly related—is still alive, for the time being.

Anyway, I hope it is true. Sex tales are what keep the Kennedys as well as the New York Post alive. And where would we be without them?

As for Rupert…well, in the early '70s, shortly after he came to New York, he told me during a drunken conversation one evening, Frank Sinatra had him over for drinks and there he met … but you do understand you’ll have to wait until Rupert has departed this earth for all the details.

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