WikiLeaks Preps Biggest Leak Ever
Iraq info ever expected within weeks
By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff
Posted Sep 10, 2010 2:27 AM CDT
Army analyst Bradley Manning has said he gave WikiLeaks a database covering 500,000 events in the Iraq war.   (AP Photo)

(Newser) – WikiLeaks is preparing a leak of Iraq war records that will dwarf its publication of secret Afghanistan information, according to a nonprofit journalism organization working with the site. The material, which will be released in a few weeks, is the "biggest leak of military intelligence" in history, Iain Overton, editor of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, tells Newsweek.

The bureau is working with WikiLeaks as well as other media organizations in several countries to produce stories and documentaries based on the Iraq documents. The media partners are "aware of the need to ensure that information is properly redacted," according to Overton, and they will be digging information out of the stories instead of publishing raw data. Overton didn't disclose whether the source of the leak was Army analyst Bradley Manning, who boasted of leaking records to WikiLeaks and is currently in military custody.

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Sep 11, 2010 11:40 PM CDT
What a great idea, post a bunch of crap, and I do mean crap, about U.S. operations in Iraq when we are finally pulling out our troops and getting power turned back over to the Iraqi's. This is not an act of any form a patriotism. Its subversion if not sedition. For what? How many people are going to die from this leak? And not just soldiers. If it reveals information that different sects co-operated with the U.S. or insurgents is there now going to be more sectarian violence? All you that are claiming "patriotic" act were probably the first to excoriate the U.S. for civilian deaths. Where is your vitriol for those that are probably going to kill each other over these "patriotic" acts. Wiki-leaks is nothing but a shame storefront for the bash America crowd. Who else is Wiki leaking on? I have a few random thoughts, CIA, Drone, targeted strike. If this was WWII or Korea. Wiki leaks would be a smear mark in history. As for your "transparency" argument. Politics should be transparent. Military operations should not, never have been. The military by design is an top down run organization run by the President and the military hierarchy. All take an oath to support and defend the Constitution. I don't give a damn about any pseudo-intellectual who wants to Monday morning quarter back the best and brightest military leaders. Mostly because they have neither the ability nor the intestinal fortitude to make the toughest decisions, telling someone to go sacrifice their lives for their country.
Sep 11, 2010 8:37 PM CDT
Like ostriches, people stick their heads in the sand and see only what's been scattered in front of their noses. Let's see leaks of military information from, oh say Iran, China, Russia, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, ... and THEN let's leak info from a country that understands freedom. What's fair is fair, what's sane is sane. And flamers, please note: I hate CheneyBushPalinBigOilEtc as much as any of you, I just try to live in the real, small world.
Sep 11, 2010 2:58 PM CDT
This KNOWLEDGE will likely do more good for America than ReaganCheneyBushRumsfeldPalinBlackwaterReaganDobsonWarLiesNukularPentagonBigOilAddYours all combined. You GO wikileaks! *yes, Ronnie gets two mentions*