GOP's 'Pledge' Written by Former Oil, Pharma Lobbyist
Boehner aide lobbied for AIG, Exxon, Pfizer, Chamber of Commerce
By Kevin Spak, Newser User
Posted Sep 23, 2010 6:40 AM CDT
House Minority Leader John Boehner of Ohio speaks during a news conference with Republican leaders, Wednesday, Sept. 15, 2010, on Capitol Hill in Washington.   (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

(Newser) – The new “Pledge to America” the GOP intends to unveil today, as a kind of sequel to the "Contract with America" of old, was written by a guy who was, until a few months ago, a lobbyist for insurance giant AIG, along with big oil and pharma companies. The draft copy of the pledge that Republicans sent to reporters lists Brian Wild as its “Author.” Wild currently works for John Boehner, but up until early this year he worked for the Nickles Group lobbying firm, where he and others were paid $740,000 to lobby for AIG, along with $1.3 million from Exxon Mobil and $625,000 from Pfizer, the Huffington Post reports.

Wild has also worked for Dick Cheney and Pat Toomey, and lobbied for the US Chamber of Commerce. But a spokesperson for the House GOP Legislative Initiatives dismissed the idea that Wild might have a conflict of interest. Wild, he said, had helped orchestrate “The Pledge” but had not authored its specific provisions, a task left up to members. “Brian’s job as much as anything has been to keep the trains running.”

For more on Boehner's lobbying ties, click here.

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Sep 23, 2010 1:17 PM CDT
guys, the serfs are SUPPOSED to get screwed...
Sep 23, 2010 12:59 PM CDT
And the Health Care Bill was written by the insurance industry... what's the point here? That its ok for bills to be written by special interest groups but not pledges? I think I would prefer it the other way around..
Nope, sorry.
Sep 23, 2010 12:28 PM CDT
Not like the Dems aren't full of shit, but the GOP isn't any less so: "An arrogant and out-of-touch government of self-appointed elites......" Those they repeatedly refer to as "the elites" were "self appointed"? Seriously, there was a vote, folks. Obama won. He was not "self appointed", and neither were Pelosi, Reid or any of the other liberal congressional members you speak of. Supreme Court judges? Appointed by our elected officials, so not "self appointed" there either. Cabinet members? Yeah, appointed by the President, who is an elected official. "Rising joblessness, crushing debt, and a polarizing political environment......." Do they actually believe that they are not participatory in the "polarizing" of the political environment? And rising joblessness? I'm still waiting to see how those rich folks are creating jobs. I mean, that's the premise right? The rich should keep the tax-breaks because it will help them create jobs, but they have the tax-breaks NOW (had them last year too, didn't they?) and yet jobless rates are rising . "We pledge to honor the Constitution as constructed by its framers and honor the original intent of those precepts that have been consistently ignored" Do the amendments count as "the Constitution"? Because it doesn't seem like "honoring" it when the proposal is that we repeal/ignore certain parts of it. "We pledge to advance policies that promote greater liberty, wider opportunity, a robust defense, and national economic prosperity." Great. I guess we can expect the GOP to start fighting for the legalization of marijuana, prostitution and SSM. Right? Wouldn't want to weaken our defense by dwindling our numbers away with DADT, stifle our liberty by telling us what we can choose to ingest, or turn away tax money (and entrepreneurship opportunities) that could be made from businesses that deal in such things. "We pledge to honor families, traditional marriage, life, and the private and faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values." There goes that "greater liberty" thing with the mention of "traditional marriage". Is health-care part of honoring "life"? They mention the "faith-based organizations that form the core of our American values," which we know typically means "Christianity". But in order to actually follow through with honoring those Christian principles, caring for the poor (read: welfare, Medicare, Medicaid, universal health-care, etc) would have to be at the top of that list. Don't get me wrong....welfare is abused by the lazy. But in saying that certain Christian principles can be trumped by economic/social needs, they ruin their argument on a great many issues in which their religion takes center-stage.