Navy SEAL Faces Discipline Over Botched Hostage Raid
He didn't tell superiors he used grenade in Linda Norgrove mission
By John Johnson, Newser Staff
Posted Oct 14, 2010 4:59 PM CDT
An undated file photo of Linda Norgrove.   (AP Photo / FCO)

(Newser) – A member of the Navy SEALs faces likely discipline in the botched raid to free a British hostage in Afghanistan, the Guardian reports. He apparently threw the grenade that killed Linda Norgrove and failed to immediately inform his superiors that he used the device. The details emerged as a joint US-UK investigation gets under way.

Surveillance video shows that Norgrove broke free from her captors after the shooting began and curled up in a fetal position. The Navy SEAL never saw her in the dark and threw a fragmentation grenade nearby. Her death was initially attributed to a hostage-taker detonating a suicide vest—until a US commander watched the video and saw the grenade toss. At that point, the SEALs were summoned and questioned, and one admitted throwing it.

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Doc Rio
Oct 16, 2010 12:10 PM CDT
I bet if a Navy SEAL would have been killed the military "Gods" sitting behind their combat desks and computesr and the MEDIA would not have given a hydroelectric dam! All these "Do-Gooder's" trying to change the way those people have lived for hundred's of years volunteer to go into harm's way. For sure they know the risks. The Taliban need hostages to try to get $$$$$ to support their cause and they knowing our vulnerbilities are playing the game quite well. What if, What if all these volunteers get captured, do they expect the US Military to magically rescue them without any collateral damages? Be real, SHIT HAPPENs in war. Better them than us! If i was an Active Duty SEAL over there, I would "ring the bell" under the present methods of running SEAL Operations. Screw that Afganistan B/S, it is a NO WIN situation ! Doc Riojas "Don't take your camera's to a bad town, boyz, leave your cameras at home!"
Oct 15, 2010 4:57 PM CDT
This is a terrible tragedy. Our soldiers risk their lives in dangerous situations - in this case trying to save a life. You have to believe none of them wanted that woman to die. They wanted to rescue her. Unfortunately, split-second decisions end up having long-term and serious repercussions for the people involved. That guy did a very human thing - he made a mistake and didn't report it immediately. For that, his career is ruined and his reputation tarnished forever. But more importantly, he'll be haunted by the fact that he killed this woman. And, yes, it makes our military look less than the best it can be. Even worse, she lost her life, and her family will suffer that loss forever. Ultimately, there are no winners here, and two very large losers. It is a sad tragedy.
Oct 15, 2010 7:28 AM CDT
Believe this: American armed forces are the best in the world, superbly trained and well-disciplined, and you'll believe anything. Like: America single-handedly won the Second World War. The above: NOT. What we have is scared young men thousands of miles from home hoping they don't get killed, wishing they could go home, not believing in what they're doing, KNOWING they're not welcome and shouldn't be there. A recipe for disaster and tragedy.