Support The Troops With A War Tax

Dems should insist on paying, not borrowing, for war
Anna Pribyla holds her Daddy Doll at Fort Riley, Kan., Monday, March 26, 2007. The doll is a small pillow, shaped like a person, with a picture of her dad, Capt. Eric Pribyla, in his uniform. He is serving...   (Associated Press)

(Newser) – If the Democrats want to support the troops but call the question on the war, they should pass a "war tax,"  writes Richard Hall in the Detroit Free Press. They could adopt the supplemental appropriations, but attach an income tax surcharge to finance it. Would the president veto it because it pays for rather than borrows for his war?

Hall cites a precedent set when Lyndon Johnson funded troops in Vietnam with a new tax. Today, an eight percent levy costing every household a few hundred dollars would raise $100 billion, while creating a new climate of accountability.  "If Bush would have his war, he too should pay for it. As should we all."