Holograms Will Greet Travelers at UK Airport

Digitized employees to explain security measures
"We've tried lots of different ways to reinforce the liquid rules, from posters to people dressed up as giant deodorant cans," an airport exec said. "Maybe holograms are the answer."   (AP)

(User Submitted) – Don't be startled if you accidentally bump into a staff member at Manchester Airport and pass right through them. The British airport recently unveiled their latest effort to reduce security queues—holograms of its staff members. The holographic projections will greet travelers and lecture them on topics such as liquid restrictions and boarding passes.

"It's strange to see yourself in virtual form and I'm hoping that I'll be able to rely on my virtual self to carry some of my workload," one staffer told Sky News. "If our holograms help our passengers through the security process even quicker then it will be a good thing." The digital illusions are so convincing that passengers have been spotted trying to present passports to them, believing them to be real people.

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