In Newest Monopoly, No Money?

In Monopoly Live, the banker is ... a computer

By Evann Gastaldo,  Newser Staff

Posted Feb 16, 2011 9:22 AM CST
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(Newser) – If you're one of those people who loves to argue over the rules of Monopoly, Hasbro's newest version of the classic board game may not be for you. In Monopoly Live, there's no money, no banker, no dice, no Chance and Community Chest cards, and no need to read the rules—a computer in the middle of the board runs the game for you, keeps track of your money and how many spaces you've moved, and thus ensures you don't cheat (or, as some people might call it, negotiate).

The computer can even sense when the game is going too slowly and will introduce events, like a property auction or a horse race, to speed things up, the New York Times reports; Hasbro explains that in this age of video games and short attention spans, it's trying to make Monopoly and other board games appealing to a new generation of kids. Of course, some find that concept depressing ("The next thing they'll do away with is the players," says one Monopoly champ). If you are among those people, don't worry: The classic version will continue to be available for sale. (Click for more on a similarly new Scrabble version.)

Monopoly Live is shown in a YouTube thumbnail.
Monopoly Live is shown in a YouTube thumbnail.   (straylor)
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Being able to negotiate with others, make up your own rules, argue with other players, that, to me, is part of what makes it a successful social game ... That’s exactly the kind of mind-set we need as far as 21st-century skills. - Joey Lee, professor

It seems that there’s a computer that makes most of the decisions for you ... it removes a lot of the skill. What’s left for the player to decide—is it they just keep pushing buttons and wait for someone to win?
- Ken Koury, competitive Monopoly player

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