Gov. Walker Threatens 12K Layoffs
And police threaten to kick out Capitol protesters
By Evann Gastaldo, Newser Staff
Posted Feb 26, 2011 7:54 AM CST
Opponents of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's budget bill sleep in the rotunda of the Wisconsin State Capitol Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011.   (AP Photo/Wisconsin State Journal, John Hart)

(Newser) – Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker dug in his heels even further yesterday, threatening to trigger as many as 12,000 layoffs starting next week if his controversial budget bill is not passed. Walker is still determined not to compromise on the portion of his bill that strips public employees of many collective bargaining rights, the Washington Post reports. "If we want to avoid the layoffs that will eventually come at the state and local level, the only way to achieve that" is to pass the bill, the governor said. Democratic state senators are still outside the state, delaying a vote.

Meanwhile, protesters at the state capitol may not have a place to sleep for much longer. Police officers distributed fliers yesterday warning that access to the Capitol building would be restricted, and that they will start collecting sleeping bags and other belongings in order to return the building to normal business hours tomorrow night, USA Today reports. Some protesters—many of whom have been sleeping inside the Capitol building for eight days—have no plans to leave, and say police will have to carry them out. Click for the latest on the Wisconsin protests, including teachers who have already received layoff notices.

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Feb 27, 2011 7:41 PM CST
"TARDIS" wrote: [QUOTE] "The police won't remove the protesters. They are there to protect and serve the people not the gov. This is not the 50's or the 60's." [UNQUOTE] "NON-DEEP-THINKER" wrote: [QUOTE] "Care to make a wager on whether the police will remove the protesters? [UNQUOTE] "SIR_CANCELOUT" writes: Looks like your gut instincts were correct, "TARDIS," and "NON-DEEP-THINKER" was.......well.....shall we just say, "Not thinking deep enough"!? Here are the headlines tonight (Sunday) from all of the major news outlets around the country--plus the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: PRO-UNION DEMONSTRATORS DEFY ORDER TO LEAVE WISCONSIN CAPITOL AND POLICE DON'T FORCE THEM TO GO PROTESTERS STAY IN WISCONSIN CAPITOL AS GOVERNOR DIGS IN HUNDREDS DEFY ORDER TO VACATE CAPITAL PROTESTERS DEFY DEADLINE TO LEAVE WISCONSIN CAPITOL TWO WEEKS IN WISCONSIN PROTESTERS HOLD FAST;cbsCarousel LAST, BUT NOT LEAST--OUT THERE IN "RIGHT FIELD" ALL BY ITSELF WITH AN OPTIMISTIC HEADLINE FOR ITS VIEWERS--IS NONE OTHER THAN "FOX BOOBS"!! CONSIDER IT YOUR "CONSOLATION PRIZE," "NON-DEEP-THINKER"!!! WISCONSIN READIES TO CLEAR CAPITOL OF PROTESTERS
Feb 27, 2011 8:14 AM CST
Wisconsin and many other blue states are heading for a financial disaster. Wisconsin currently has unfunded pension liabilities of over $16,000 per capita. This basically means the state has not set monies aside to meet its future obligations, nor has plans to do so. You can not really have a balanced budget with such unfunded liabilities. So there is a real possibility that the pensions will some day collapse, as they have in some private industries. I have never heard about governments declaring bankruptcy, but there have been many articles to the effect some governments are contemplating it. Once bankruptcy comes, liabilities are on the table and can vanish into thin air based on decision of a judge. Benefits in private sector unions are out of control. Pensions and health care for life are not affordable for the taxpayer. This is the reality that states are facing. Some are dealing with it, some will procrastinate. If their endgame is to wait for a federal bailout, they may want to revisit that strategy.
Feb 27, 2011 2:04 AM CST
You know Reagan ran a union. In 1980 he was backed by the Air Traffic Controllers Union and thinking they had a friend they went on strike and he fired them all. Carter started deregulating airlines. Do these guys have anything in common? Personally, I see no reason for federal or state employees to have a union. They have a job for life with health care and a pension. People who work for everything else need a union cause of the Triangle Shirt Company. I read a great article about the founding of the Tea Party and this head guy said "we should get to control where our taxes go." He worked for Homeland Security. If your paycheck comes from a treasury department on any level you need to shut the fuck up. I'm very pro union. Wish that I could join one. But if your work doesn't produce a profit for you or someone else then what is your problem? This is why the Founding Fathers didn't want parties to control because once you pick a side you're stuck with the whole platform. I think Godman Sachs ate their pensions and we should pay for that just like we paid for AIG. As for their union--blow me.