Massachusetts' New Political Party: Pirates
Pirate Party now accepted as a political designation
By Kevin Spak, Newser User
Posted Mar 9, 2011 10:56 AM CST
Updated Mar 12, 2011 7:00 PM CST
A demonstrator waves a Jolly Roger while Sweden's Pirate Party chairman and founder Rickard Falkvinge talks in the background, in Stockholm, Sweden, April 18 2009.   (AP Photo/Scanpix Sweden, Fredrik Persson)

(Newser) – Avast there, Massachusetts voters! A’fore ye register f’r some lilly-livered party like the “Democrats” or “Republicans,” ye might want to consider signin’ on with the state’s newest crew: the Massachusetts Pirate Party. That’s right, the Massachusetts Election Division has officially approved the swashbuckling party as a political designation, meaning voters can now register as a “Pirate,” Raw Story reports.

Of course, the party’s name actually refers to the kind of pirates who use BitTorrent, not the ones who say "shiver me timbers." It’s one of many global groups inspired by Sweden’s Piratpartiet, which formed in 2006 to fight for copyright and patent reform, government transparency, and personal privacy. The Massachusetts wing espouses the same values. “The MAPP will advocate for putting people before corporations,” it said in a statement. “We call for people to join together and stand for the rights of the common citizen and expect basic honesty from our government.”

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Mar 14, 2011 6:38 AM CDT
Aargh! Me Hearties! Bottles of rum at meetings and occasional, optional, if-you-feel-like-it worship of the supreme deity The Flying Spaghetti Monster (may pasta be upon him). Avast indeed!
Mar 13, 2011 8:02 AM CDT
I've got over a dozen pirate flags on my Paraiso Tropical estate. Folks, I wanna be a real pirate without kidnapping or ransom, hails the dubbed Czech Hollywood Warrior Priest from Serious Entertainment, http://thesixthgospel.blogspot... Yes, indeed, and this is no Ripley's, my Sixth Gospel word has been inflating my bank account for quite a while, so glad for the boat, my rules, prepare for boarding
Mar 12, 2011 9:03 PM CST
Oh--someone gets it. I'm so in-- where do I send the check? This is real America. John Hancock--pirate and first self-made millionaire in the colonies. He's the guy who stole tea and couldn't compete when England dropped the price and tax to kill his business. In a true American move he stuck some feathers on his own pirate crew and had them drop the tea in the harbor so Americans would buy no more English tea. He had no idea that everything else would happen, he just wanted the British to not lower the actual cost to wipe him out. That's why he signed with the big name--he started it all and he was a pirate. Wouldn't you rather lay claim to the truth instead of the bull fed to you by the monied who care only that you don't see the real world? Look me up--first time the Tea Party was ever mentioned I wrote the whole thing about Hancock and it not being about taxes. You want to think the founders were all great and cool--OK, but they were the elite. They were educated, wealthy, pirates, owned slaves and could have cared less about religion. The Constitution was one document to stop the whiskey rebellions because the country was paying for everything with a tax on whiskey. The Bill of Rights was a totally different thing written by Madison and Jefferson and tacked on. We'd be shit out of luck without the Bill of Rights. Know what the first amendment was after they hacked out the Constitution on that terribly hot summer? You can't change shit that we just figured out about slavery for 25 years. That's it. What they did because it was all about slavery and representation. If they hadn't agreed that a slave was three fifths of a human South Carolina would have had no representation at all. They spent five minutes on how to elect a president and why you are plumb ridiculous to think it matters. It was all about the southern slave states getting representation. Jefferson added all the rights you love because he knew it was one hot mess. But, Hancock--he didn't give a shit cause it said nothing about pirates and why he signed with a flourish. Course Jefferson as president had to go back and deal with pirates. Pirate is good. Let's stick with that name. It means not being a dumb ass sitting back and watching other crooks get rich--it's playing on the same field.