Bachmann Explains Gaffe—by Making New Gaffe
Says mainstream media's '3,400' members are to blame...
By anothernewsjunkie, Newser User
Posted Mar 15, 2011 3:21 PM CDT
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(User Submitted) – Michele Bachmann yesterday fired back at critics who poked her recent American history gaffe on the Laura Ingraham Show. She accused all "3,400" members of the "mainstream media" of being "part of the Obama press contingent." There's just one tiny problem with her counting, notes Alex Pareene in Salon: As of May 2009, the Bureau of Labor Statistics counts almost 6,000 people as being "broadcast news analysts." It also had around 46,000 people down as being reporters. And the New York Times alone has more than 7,000 people on its payroll. Read the full article.

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Mar 20, 2011 6:20 PM CDT
Finally accepting thier many gaffes such as Michele Bachmans latest and the fact they are obviously not perfect, the Tea Party is attempting to appeal to the American Idol Demographi­c with a music video!!! The Michelle Bachman Trio sings "We Know We Weren't Perfect. http://www­.youtube.c­om/watch?v­=xjcmZtqid­Qk
Mar 18, 2011 3:51 PM CDT
Yeah, but I'll bet Obama knows how to spell "Potato", never claimed that he could see Diamond head from his porch, much less Russia, and Michelle, well, what can I say. I'm so rooting for a GOP team next election of Palin and Bachman (in either order), or Serial Adulterer "family values" Gingrich who loves his wife, your wife and your neighbors wife, or Pawlenty, or ku klux Barbour, or Huckster. It really won't matter, except for the magnitude of the shellacking. Even Pretty Boy Romney would get clobbered. Schwartzenegger would probably be their best chance, and he's definately not American born, and his dad was in Hitler's officer corps. Lots of baggage. Bush's nightmare economy is healing nicely now, and the republicans WISH IT WAS HEADED FOR THE TOILET. What a bunch of Patriots! They want America to LOSE, just so they can win the monopoly game for the Koch Brothers.
Mar 17, 2011 6:58 PM CDT
WHO!!!!!! in GODS name in the IDIOTS that voted for her .......