Girl Scouts: Thin Mints Killing Orangutans' Home
Duo protests cookies' palm oil recipe
By Rob Quinn, Newser Staff
Posted May 20, 2011 4:04 AM CDT
An aerial view of palm oil plantations in Merang , Sumatra.   (Getty Images)

(Newser) – America's cookie buyers shouldn't have to choose between buying Girl Scout cookies and saving orangutans, say a pair of Michigan girl scouts leading calls for the organization to change its recipe. Seventh graders Rhiannon Tomtishen and Madison Vorva, who have rallied Girl Scout troops across the country and set up a Web page, want the Scouts to either stop using palm oil or obtain it exclusively from sustainable sources, reports the Wall Street Journal. Palm oil production has caused the widespread destruction of orangutan habitats in Indonesia and Malaysia.

The Scouts—who sold 198 million boxes of cookies last year—say they can't produce a sturdy enough cookie without palm oil, and there's just not enough sustainably grown palm oil to go around. The Scouts scrubbed their Facebook page free of critical comments after a recent social media "Day of Action" from frustrated scouts and cookie buyers seeking change, the Huffington Post notes. For now, all 16 varieties of Girl Scout cookies contain palm oil. Click for more.

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May 20, 2011 3:32 PM CDT
Ok everyone hold their horses. Palm oil was one of those oils that was demonized along with coconut oil. They burn at lower temperatures and are most definitely not to deep fry with. Palm and coconut oil are expensive, but valuable to our bodies by providing essential fats. What will they replace the palm oil with? Partially hydrogenated GMO cottonseed oil doused in roundup? Before you start hating on the current recipe, consider the garbage they'll give you instead.
May 20, 2011 11:03 AM CDT
"say they can't produce a sturdy enough cookie without palm oil, and there's just not enough sustainably grown palm oil to go around." --- You know, the world really wouldn't miss the cookies that much. They do make other flavors. Cookies over Orangutans. These two kids should run the whole organization because the "adults" in charge seem to be greedy idiots.