Secret Nazi Codes Litter Germany
Secret numbers, letters express movement support: Expert
By Mary Papenfuss, Newser Staff
Posted Jun 28, 2011 12:00 AM CDT
A man is busted this year at a rally in Dresden involving thousands of neo-Nazi demonstrators and leftist foes. Neo-Nazis continue to communicate through a series of codes, according to experts.   (AP Photo/dapd/Matthias Rietschel)

(Newser) – Swastikas may be outlawed in Germany, but that doesn't mean that neo-Nazi signs have disappeared. Coded letters, numbers, and other symbols communicate support of the extremist philosophy among those "in the know" in German society, reports Der Spiegel. The numbers 14 and 88, for example, which can be seen on placards waved at soccer games, indicate neo-Nazi support, according to a brochure on the complex code that's revealing a growing political movement.

Some 150 different neo-Nazi codes currently exist in German society, according to the brochure, titled Hide and Seek and written by expert Michael Weiss. HH stands for "Heil Hitler," which is also banned in Germany, and the number 14 refers to the 14 words of American white separatist David Lane when he said: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." The codes are found on license plates, at athletic events, and on tattoos. Some 195 extremist groups with 26,000 members exist in Germany, but sympathizers can also be found in many other more mainstream factions of German life, according to Der Spiegel. (Maybe the Smurfs are in on this?)

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Jun 29, 2011 12:54 PM CDT
Fledgermany, I was a History major in college, and was moved more by your letter just now than any account that told of the mass roundups of Jews who were sent to the concentration camps. When you read an eyewitness account of a personal experience involving your own family and friends that you knew well, it no longer seems like something that happened in ancient history. I'm sure these memories are as clear and vivid to you now as the day you witnessed them in person. I'm sorry that you are haunted by these inhumane acts of horror, but at the same time, I'm glad that you lived to be able to tell as many people as possible about what happens when ideas backed by fear and hate gain political favor, which I see happening in this country to some extent. The political strategy of fear still works, unfortunately, as we witnessed last year. As we both know, Hitler had the backing of many of the JUNKERS class,(the Koch brothers would be Junkers in Germany) partly because his massive re-armament made them even richer. Many German churches supported Hitler. Today in America, many churches support the Koch's agenda, especially those who follow the "prosperity gospel" philosophy. Most of these people have no idea that the Koch's are making billions of dollars from offshore gambling and prostitution operations, which they funnel into political "contributions" in the US, buying politicians anywhere from D.C. to Greater Tuna, TX. The Nazi movement was, and is still a cancer which must be fought agressively. We have a similar cancer in this country which has spread as far as our Supreme Court, and most people can't see it happening right before their eyes. I am reminded of the old German "coded" anti-Hitler song "There's a lot to be said for the Fuhrer, AND I HOPE IT'S SAID IN TIME.
Jun 29, 2011 12:20 PM CDT
I always get a little bit annoyed at the number of people who deny that fascist neo-Nazi's are alive and well in Germany and in other nations. We worry so much today about Islamic extremists and terrorists; and yet what are we doing to protect society from real-life threats of domestic terrorists, militias and other hate groups? Our priorities still ought to be on exposing and eliminating these terrible threats to our democracy
Jun 29, 2011 9:52 AM CDT
I was ten when my mother and father fled germany, I had seen what the Nazis did, one day the baker and his family, a nice jewish family who always helped his neighbors, were shot in front of me and my papa because they were breaking the law for being jewish, I see some comments on here i find very disturbing, you younger people do not seem to understand the true evil of the nazi party. so let me explain, they created an enemy with in germany the jews. Now that baker had served during world war 1. and now he was an enemy because he was jewish. and during the first war he served in the same unit as Hitler. When Hitler first came to power he used to show case a photo of him and hitler taken together. but you see hitlerism knows no bounderies, and what if say hitler was succesful eliminated the jews, hmmm. many don't remember or perhaps were not taught, the book burnings they didn't just burn books surrounding jews, once you wipe out your created enemy you need to create a new one, who would be next, I remember nazi germany, i remember the soldiers pulling the Weinster family out of their bakery all five of them. and shooting them. Just because they were jews. right in front of me and my papa. I had only been back to germany once it was shortly after the berlin wall came down, I went back to my old neighborhood to see if my family still lived in the area, only to discover My cousin josheph was alive, a sole survivor. his family was dragged away for being jewish sympathizers, My unlce was beaten to death and did not survive a month my aunt and cousin helga were repeatedly raped by the sodiers. i will never go back to germany. and if i ever see a person sporting a nazi sybol i will rip there heads off